Rhapsody Thompson



Who Am I...

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Romantic Interests

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My Story Is...

Name: Amberle Rhapsody Thompson

Nickname(s): She prefers to drop her legal first name [Amberle], unless she legally cannot, and goes by Rhapsody Thompson. Sadie for short.

Age: 21; born on Halloween of 1997.

SexO: Bisexual.

Vice(s): Smokes the devil’s lettuce for recreational use. Only drinks and smokes cigarettes socially.

Education: Majoring in Art History and Fine Arts at George Washington University.

Languages: English, French, and Spanish.

Location: Washington, D.C.

Occupation: Aspiring artist; bartender at Madam’s Organ.

Alignment: Good, we think?

Species/Breed: Mortal, human; a witch.

Personality: A fiery rage is submerged beneath a quiet and cautious temperament. She is very ambitious and hurts quietly when she cannot do something; whether it be for herself or others she cares for.

Abilities: Generic magic/witchcraft.

Family: Paternal grandparents that live in a retirement community in Maine. Her parents passed away in a car accident when she was eleven. No siblings or remaining family that cares enough to communicate with her…

My Appearance

Amberle stands five feet eight inches tall on bare feet with a lean build. Light brown waves reach down to her shoulders; complimenting her creamy, olive skin. Hazel eyes are set proportionately amongst her button nose and full pout on an oval shaped face.