Saevi Galea

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? Name Information ?
Full Name: Saevi Galea
Pronunciation of their name: Say-vee Gal-ya
Title: None
Nickname(s): Saevi the Nimble

? Personal Information ?
Sex: Female
Race/species: Enhanced Humanoid
Age: 32
Orientation/Sexual preference: Pansexual

? Appearance ?
Height: 5’8
Weight: 140
Age: 32
Mental age: 39
Eye color(s): Bright blue
Contacts?: None
Glasses?: None
Face shape: Oval
Describe their eyes: Her eyes, despite their oddly bright color, are almond-shaped and have that sparkle of confidence in everything she does.
Describe their nose: She has that perfect little button nose, just as pale as the rest of her, and without a single scar or blemish
Describe their lips: Her lips aren’t full, but they’re not thin either. They’re the perfect balance, and have a natural tint of pink to them
Ears: Rounded, normal, but have implants within the ear to enhance hearing
Body build: Saevi is slim, but muscular. While she has some muscle, she’s not overly built
Bodily abnormalities: She lost her right eye years ago, so it was replaced with an artificial one. She also has scars on the side of her face. Two, and both are small.
Extra extremities(Another arm, tail, horns etc.): Other than implants to enhance senses and strength, she has a mechanical arm
Hair color(s): Red
Hair length: Mid-back
Hair style: Loose curls, generally worn down or in a high ponytail
Skin/fur color(s): Pale cream
Complexion: Unblemished, almost perfect
Patterns/designs(on skin/fur and where they are, such as a zebra stripe pattern): She has a set of tribal style tattoos on her left shoulder
Scars: None
Birthmarks(and what they are/were): Her birthmark is a small little spot on the inside of her elbow. It’s slightly darker than the rest of her skin
Tattoos(what they are and where): Tribal swirls and designs on her left shoulder onto part of her sternum. They also stretch down to the left elbow.
Piercings(what they are and where): She has her ears pierced from lobe to the top of her ear, tongue, a Monroe (upper lip, left side), and Shark Bites (bottom lip, two on either side)

? Current Health ?
Personality snapshot: Outgoing, flirtatious, reckless, but also intelligent and composed
(optional)In depth personality: Saevi often comes off as reckless and brash. But when it comes to her music or her acrobatics, she is reserved and composed. She thinks faster than most, and she’s a bit vain after a few drinks.
Most prominent personality trait: Flirtatious nature
Best traits of their personality: Intelligence
Worst traits of their personality: Vanity

? Current… ?
Current faith(religion): Atheist
Current superstitions/quirks: She’s the only thing she needs to believe in. She may not be a “god,” but she’s the only one she can truly rely on
Alignment(good, evil, etc.) Neutral
Marital status(Single, married, dating, etc.): Single
Occupation: Bard
Good habits: She thinks, she plans, and she plots
Bad habits: But she’s also a borderline alcoholic with a serious nicotine and sex addiction

Who Am I...

A woman of all trades

Romantic Interests

There is a certain soldier I'm interested in~

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

How long has it been? I remembered going into cryo and then…. the blissful silence as I slept. The original intent for the cryo was to help me adjust. To help me forget about why I had my arm ripped off. Turns out some cultures don’t just take hands when you’re caught stealing.

And, really? How had I gotten caught? All because some stupid, but so very handsome, man had been jealous that I didn’t go home with him. Sure, I’d gotten myself into that situation. And, sure, the adventure was worth it. But had it not been for that cute little blond I’d met on that planet, I’d be a gorgeous redhead with a stump.

It wasn’t always like that. No. At one time, I could land on a planet and be surrounded by men with gorgeous faces and hunger in their eyes. Women too. I don’t discriminate. But even then, maybe I was just trying to fill some void that was created when my parents were killed. How, you ask? Well. Space isn’t always the most forgiving place.  Sometimes you live, sometimes you don’t.

I guess so far I’ve been lucky. But it doesn’t matter, yeah? What matters is what’s always mattered. Getting what I want and doing as I please.

Oh, heavens. I got sidetracked, huh? Anyway. Yeah. When I woke from the… however long it was… sleep, I groggily walked over to the displays on my ship. Huh. What kind of place is called Hellifyno? I pronounced it out loud and had to give a chuckle. Hell-if-I-know. That’s cute. Well. May as well dock here. See what I can while I’ve got a chance, huh? I lifted the mechanical arm that I’d been given, flexing the fingers a bit. My other hand, the free one, reached into a pocket and pulled out a flask. One swig and I was wincing at the burn of alcohol down my throat. Here’s to a new adventure, I guess.

My Appearance


Light Blue (Eyedrops)




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My Secrets Are...

I’m an open book.

If you can’t handle me being a drinking, smoking, never wanting a relationship, gorgeous woman. Don’t waste my time. Simple as that.

I Believe...

In beauty