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Kelpie, or water kelpie, is the Scots name given to a shape-shifting water spirit inhabiting the lochs and pools of Scotland. It has usually been described as appearing as a horse, but is able to adopt human form. Some accounts state that the kelpie retains its hooves when appearing as a human, leading to its association with the Christian idea of Satan as alluded to by Robert Burns in his 1786 poem “Address to the Devil”.

Almost every sizeable body of water in Scotland has an associated kelpie story, but the most extensively reported is that of Loch Ness. Parallels to the general Germanic neck or nixie and the Scandinavian bäckahäst have been observed. More widely, the wihwin of Central America and the Australian bunyip have been seen as counterparts. The origin of the belief in malevolent water horses has been proposed as originating in human sacrifices once made to appease gods associated with water, but narratives about the kelpie also served a practical purpose in keeping children away from dangerous stretches of water, and warning young women to be wary of handsome strangers.

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Men, though it's been a long time since I've loved

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My Story Is...

Kylee was never like that, though. She was always kind, happy, trying to lure people in simply so she would no longer be alone. When she was young, she was banished to a desolate patch of water, one where travelers no longer passed, as the forest around it was so dangerous. 

There was one, though, an Elven mage who often came to visit the Kelpie in her home. And, for him, she felt comfortable enough to allow him to see the form of hers that was more humanoid. They spoke for years, together, and she eventually fell in love with him. However, it wasn’t meant to be. 

That isn’t to say he didn’t love her in return, but he knew that she could not survive outside of her home. And he couldn’t survive there with her, despite her home being within that forest. Elves can’t breathe underwater, after all. But, even so, he visited her as often as he could, bringing her gifts and trying to help her find a way to escape her fate as an exile.

The only solution that he could find was to send her to another place. Another world, if need be, away from the prying eyes of the Courts that so badly wished her existence to be ignored. She begged him not to send her away, knowing what that level of magic could do to him. But Faelar insisted. He reminded her that he loved her, that nothing would ever change that, even if the spell killed him, he would still be with her. And, reluctantly, she agreed to be sent elsewhere. But, before he sent her to another world, he gave her two things. A necklace with the trinity knot that would keep her forms stable and able to be interchanged so she could live on land if she needed to. And a Claddagh ring to protect her and strengthen her own magics. That ring, though, was also a symbol of his love for Kylee, and she knew it.

The portal did kill him, and Kylee was tempted not to go into it. She lay with him for a little while, remembering her promises to him. So, before she stepped into the swirling portal, she used her first show of true magic. The trees that survived because of her lake wrapped themselves around him, making a tomb of sorts. And once that was complete, the trees themselves took on features from her beloved elf. Their trunks were more pale, as if taking on the pallor of his skin. The leaves were a beautiful white, just like his hair. And bright blue flowers bloomed among those branches, just like his eyes. 

And, so, she stepped into the portal and came to Hellifyno. That was a few months ago, but she’d been in hiding ever since. She’d made herself at home near Thistlemere, in a pond deep within the forests, her time spent weeping and keeping to her true form. She used this form to chase off any who got too close to her, keeping alone and in a self-imposed exile. But, sadly, that only lasted those few months.

There was a young water nymph, at least that’s what Kylee thought she was. She wasn’t really all that young, but she was a nymph. This nymph came to Kylee daily, encouraging her to venture out into the world. “But I no longer have my Faelar. And he was the reason I lived in the first place,” Kylee had said. The nymph only chuckled and reminded her of the necklace and the ring. Reminded her that he would want her to be happy. Kylee knew that the nymph was right. And, so, that’s why she’s no longer hiding in that pond, why she’s decided to come out into the world and show herself.

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Classic Waisted Medieval Dress

And in that pouch?

OMG this is gorgeous! â?? Acorn Knife -:- Acorns and Oak Leaves form the hilt of this knife. The Handle is a smooth layered Dymondwood with Browns and Greens ~:â??:~ Shop: Omega Artworks â??

The difference is that her blade is razor sharp stone, not metal. The stones were made from those within her lake, enchanted by the Elf she loved. Faelar made it so that the stone would never break or dull, even if Kylee never uses the blade.

My Secrets Are...

She has that dangerous side of her, being a Kelpie. Though, she never lets it show, keeping to herself as much as she possibly can.

I Believe...

Even if Faelar is no longer with me, he's still within my heart