Sage Valencia



The darkness was a surprise at first, creeping along the floor. Lingering. The air grew chilled – cold. And then she realized, it meant no harm.

My Story Is...

Where should I start…


“Where have you been, Sage?”


Her lips coiled into a smile, slender fingers moving through those silver locks. Oh, how she slightly envied the girl beside her. So unique with those ivory waves… A brow raised.


“Where have I been?”


Laughter fell from painted lips, filtering through the air, melodic. However, there was a bitter edge to her tone.  Continuing to play with those strands of silver hair.


“Oh, Perse, my dear..”


Sage exhaled, shaking her head. Lifting a hand to lightly ruffle through her younger sister’s hair.


“Let’s simply say… I have arisen from a long sleep.”



It was for her own good, they said. For the well-being of herself, to gain control. No. No, it was not for her. It was for them. And revenge was what she sought. 

My Appearance

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