Name:  Sa’Rad

Age: 24

Race: Saiyan

Personality:  Sa’Rad is very serious much of the time, owing to his feeling of responsibility to the entirety of the Saiyan race.  His attitude is not much different from an average Saiyan’s, desiring to test himself in battle and push himself further.  He does not hesitate to destroy an enemy or someone who threatens something or someone close to him.  That said, he is slightly different from the average warrior caste, in that he also likes to challenge his mind and develop his skill rather than brute force his way through every obstacle.  While prideful like any other Saiyan, Sa’Rad lets his reason and logic determine his decisions.  He cares greatly for the future of his race and will work almost singlemindedly towards what he views as the return of its glory.

Who Am I...

One of the last of my race

Romantic Interests

Strong females

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Sa’Rad was born a bastard of the reigning king of the Saiyan’s, Vegeta.  Normally, even a bastard would be acknowledged in Saiyan culture as part of the royal bloodline.  However Sa’Rad was born with a power level denoting him as only a mid class warrior, a shame that could not be tolerated by the ruling elite.  Cast out from what tenuous family he might have had, Sa’Rad raised himself from a very young age, seeking independence from his peers and recognition even among his own race.  Instead of focusing only on his strength and power as a Saiyan, Sa’Rad educated himself as much as possible on the political and technological upheavals his race had made for themselves.


The reality of their situation was unsettling.  His entire race had willingly made themselves nothing but mercenaries in the service of a tyrant.  All of their warrior codes and pride was washed away by the blood of trillions ended in the name of the Planet Trade Organization.  Even Sa’Rad himself was not innocent of this, having cleansed several planets of life before he’d reached maturity.  He’d seen the hatred Lord Frieza and his organization held for the Saiyans, as well as the rise in average power level among even the lowest classes of their warrior caste, and he knew that soon things would come to a boil.


So, he began preparing.  Sa’Rad scavenged parts from junkyards near the spaceports, building his own ship and stocking it with everything he thought would be needed for survival.  Food, clothing, data records of all the saiyan technology, history, and culture.  Everything he thought might be needed should the worst case scenario come to pass.  The other Saiyans, even those from his own team, mocked Sa’Rad for his preparations.  They called him weak and a coward for planning to escape from some imaginary doom.


The day Frieza decided to destroy planet Vegeta, Sa’Rad and his team were lounging in the bar celebrating another mission completed.  When the renowned warrior Bardock came bursting in yelling that the planet was about to be destroyed, Sa’Rad didn’t laugh.


He ran.


Past all the jeers of the others, past the mocking, and the yells of ‘Coward!’, Sa’Rad ran directly towards his prepared ship.  He almost wasn’t fast enough.  Even as he ran, the atmospheric effects of the space tyrant’s Death Ball had begun shaking the planet apart.  Several times during the trip to the spaceship, Sa’Rad had to use his energy or strength just to clear the way of debris or dodge falling buildings.  As soon as he made it into the ship and strapped himself in, Sa’Rad punched the Launch button and sent himself hurtling into space, plotting a course that would hide his ship from the sensors of Frieza’s flagship and getting as far away as he could as quickly as possible.


Once he was more than 50 light years away from the broken remains of Planet Vegeta, the Saiyan survivor breathed a sigh of relief.  Yes, his entire race was likely dead, barring a few remaining Saiyan’s still out on missions and Prince Vegeta who was being held hostage by Frieza.  But he WAS alive and all of his preparations hadn’t gone to waste.  All that was left of the Saiyan history, culture, and technology was here on this ship.  It was now his duty to revive the Saiyan race to what it once was.  The greatest warrior race in the universe.  As soon as he landed on the furthest habitable planet he could find from the borders of the Planet Trade Organization.

My Appearance

Sa’Rad is of average height for a Saiyan, just over 6 feet tall.  Like his father before him, his black hair spikes up in a distinctive flame-like appearance with a pronounced widow’s peak.  He is lean but deeply muscled, the lines of his musculature easy to see for even the casual observer.  Like all Saiyans, his eyes are a dark black, revealing no distinction between pupil and iris.