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It was a dark and dreary fall evening. Thick and heavy clouds blocked out the setting sun, settling the earth into a premature night. A young girl, perhaps eighteen was out walking, her steps quiet as she walked quickly. Her eyes were never still, watching the road on her left and then the forest on her right. “Stupid…Stupid!” She whispers harshly to herself, “Of course the guy wouldn’t drive me home… I said no..” She sighs and walks on, following the sidewalk.




The girl freezes, eyes wide and ears straining as the forest to her right goes completely silent. A single moment later, a pair of arms grabbed her. Her arms and legs thrashed as she fought against the arms, screams echoing into the forest. “Nooo! NOOO! Let me gooo!!”




Suddenly everything was completely black.


Salem Blair never returned home that night…Or the years that followed.




Salem struggled and fought against the chains, but horrible pain plagued her. She could frequently hear the sounds of snapping coming from her own body.




A month…or maybe a year later… Salem couldn’t remember anymore… but she remembered she could finally focus, she could look around and know what she was seeing. The room she was in was white, a white bed, white toilet, white floor, white walls. Her legs were Image result for white roomcurled up to her chest as she sat in the corner furthest from the white door.


“Oh… So your finally lucid again.” A man spoke, wearing a suit with a white lab coat on.

“Where am I..?” Her voice was rough, sandpapery.

“Now that I can’t tell you.” His voice was smooth like velvet. “I need you to get up, its test time.” 


White…a white dress was on her, chains wrapped around her to restain her during the testing. “Stand up Salem.” The doctor spoke harshly. She finally stood up, her body in agony.


“Wh-gah! What have you done…?” Her voice was weak from the pain.

“Hmph, You’ll see.” He walked over and grabbed her, securing the chains and dragging her out of the room.




The entire building seemed to shake as they exited the white room. The doctor was frantic,

“Shit! Please don’t be the one I think it is!” His hand fumbled with what appeared to be a phone. Seeing an opportunity, Salem lashed out, jerking away from him.

“You little bitch, get back here!” Salem’s eyes were wide as she turned to start running. But her body protested, her legs giving out only a few feet away from the doctor. She was in so much pain, what ever had happened to her for a month…or a year, it had taken its toll on her.

“Mmh…What I though.” The doctor said, pressing a fancy shoe against her back, pushing her down to the ground.


Stomp Stomp Stomp Stomp…


The repetitive sound of multiple boots running through the hall signalled the arrival of guards.


“Sir, the Beast is out! You have to get out of here!” 

“Not without this one… She’s lucid now.” The doctor proceeded to kick Salem in the side. “Get up!” He shouted at her, voice harsh and filled with malice.




Salem reacted, standing quickly. “I’m not going with you.” Her voice was suddenly full of confidence, strength.

“Wha-“ The doctor was cut off…his head suddenly hitting the floor and staining the white floor red.Image result for blood on white floor


The cocking of guns filled the hall, guns pointed towards her as bright red gashes covered her arms, blood dripping from them.


“Drop the guns… I’ll spare you.” The blood dripping from her arms began to float up into the air.


The distinctive cracking of gunshots filled the hall, echoing painfully. However, the blood was faster. A solid wall of crystallized scarlet caught the bullets flying towards her, bouncing them back and striking the guards fatally.

“Dumbasses.” She turns and follows the hallway. The building had a rather simple layout, one large hallway leading to the exit with small hallways branching out from it. “Hmm.. and simple minded..” A grin plastered itself on her face as she walked to the door, exiting the white hall and entering a dense forest.


It had been a full year, and she was finally free. But she didn’t know where she was….



She had entered Hellifyno.


My Appearance


Image result for evil white hair anime girl

Age: 19


Hair: White Image result for white color, Messy shoulder length, messy bangs cover her forehead.


Eyes: Silver Image result for silver color


Skin: Alabaster Image result for alabaster color


Height: 5’9 | Weight: 98 lbs

Body Figure: Thin, moderate curves, B cup breasts.


Salem wears a dirty white dress with various chains wrapped around her neck loosely to chains wrapped tightly around her breasts and torso. The chain upon her waist has various vials filled with a dark liquid hanging from the links. The bottom of this dress is tattered and stained a dark red color.


Over this dress is a long hooded cloak. This cloak is a deep purple color with a dark teal inner lining. The entire cloak is tattered almost beyond wear-ability.


Her feet are completely bare. Both arms sport dirty and red stained bandages which are wrapped around her forearms loosely, the ends dangling. A dirty bandage is wrapped around her right leg from the foot up to her knee.