Erika Hallewell


theme song
why wont you die by dsvid draiman
i was known as sally blaze but i decided to try something knew i might turn back though.




Who Am I...


Romantic Interests

straight, kind yet evil

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Erik Hallewell once a calm yet evil demon who still had some good in her heart was tortured and beaten to the death by the MCC some say she did perish but she didn’t completely her body still lingered in the alleys of devilantes which was a city she grew up in,

a demon man found her and took her to his home he decided to bring her back like himself…                         CORRUPTED!                                                                                                                                                         he fixed her body up and brought her back with his electric shocking magic, as she was revived her  sin was darker and her eyes were redder, she didnt know what happened or her past, she remembers bits and pieces over time, however she did remember the MCC.

the demon boy was named Damian he taught her how to use her powers again and all the other stuff,        the corrupted Erika was much more evil then her old self. she didnt care what others thought of her and would fight anyone who got in her way.

Evil Minion
Waldo - Erika evil yet stupid minion
Waldo is supposed to be a scary monster and evil but the truth is wldo is a dimwit he makes a few mistakes then other minions and he acts well stupid when he does like he didnt know what he was doing!
however waldo can be smart and he does protect his master, hes also a good hunting dog well thats what erika says anyway
(waldos a monster though)

My Appearance

she has long black hair and her eyes are amber

on her body is her black cloak


her inventory contains….

a black Grimoire, a diamond staff, an empty satchel that seems empty and normal right.. but is it?

her familiar she summoned is a black dragon , a familiar serves its master and thats what Orpheus does even though hes pretty big

My Secrets Are...

none really