Gold Everston X Kyle

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•Gold’s Family•

Birth Mother:Shannon Everston [Fr. Red]

Step-Mom:Ashley Everston

Half-Sister:Amethyst Everston

Granddad:Fredrick Red [Deceased]

Grandmother:Donna Red [Deceased]

Aunt:Kenize Red

Cousin:Greta Red

Cousin:Mordecai Red

Uncle:Derrick Red

Mother:Stacy Everston [Deceased]

Grandma:Alexandria Vailson

Grand Uncle:River Singetail

Grandpa:Jordan Everston

Grand Aunt:Brooklyn Singetail

Uncle:Ari Krite

Aunt:Rosalina Krite

Cousin:Diamond Krite

Uncle:Syvastienaos Arno Dorian Everston

Aunt:Stella Silvermoon

Cousin:Rain Chaos Everston

Cousin In-Law:Anna Solo

Cousin:Ula Everston

Cousin:Cyan Silvermoon Everston

Cousin:Onyx Silvermoon Everston

•Kyle’s Family•

Father:Xavier Nagihira

Grandma:Mikayla Skymoon

Grandpa:Silver Hrro [Deceased]

Aunt:Alyssa Hageshi

Uncle:Jasupa Astua-Novu [Deceased]

Aunt:Sierra Hakiasuru

Aunt:Cassindra Hakaisuru

Uncle:Myles Chirstina

Aunt:Amara Chirstina

Mother:Krystal Nagihira

Grandma:Kaylee Nagihira [Fr. Amekuseniro]

Grandpa:Kibusatu Nagihira

Who Am I...

Gold the hier to Stacy's Legacy / Kyle The Kitsune Of Kelsey Nagihira

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Dating One Another

My Story Is...

[Gold’s Story]

August 2nd…?

I was born to the lovely Shannon [Red] and Stacy Everston, I was often at times confused about my family till one day

What Did She Do?

when I was 3 years old when my mother’s died and then Shannon came back and we went through many phases till we reuntied with Stacy’s Remaining Lineage and I took on the name of Everston.

The One Before Me

Later during the Singetail Family Dispute my uncle Naos from my mom Stacy’s former family, joined the family as the second son of Alexandria and Jordan.

Remembering A Goddess

Now my uncle has crafted my mother’s sword into mine so I defend my new little sister Amethyst Everston

Training by 2

I was trained under Kaylee Nagihira and River Singetail to fullfill what training, Stacy planned to give me, So My Uncle Naos would finish up my training to be what my mother wanted me to be, the heir to her position, her legacy, a goddess in my own right

Taking on a challenge

Amethyst and I would go through a stage when I was nineteen, however a year after it all ended.. Amethyst and my step-mom didn’t get along

My Birth Mother was attempting to train Amethyst to be the next Chancelloress, so I took it upon myself to train her, with everything I knew, a polished slate

Kyle <3

I got together with him during the Terrorism Of Faltering Bright on Hellifyno, my Uncle went rogue to protect whatever realm some former family stringed together

Kyle and I started dating like it was destiny, now we are on the run, no one knows where we are and I’m going back to get Amethyst

[Kyle’s Story]

End Of The Mastery Line


My Appearance

•Gold’s Information•

Given Name:Gold

Middle Name:Samantha

Surname:Everston [Org. Bloodfang/Red]


Birth Certificate Date:8/2/20XX


Race:Dragon,Human Hybrid


Abilities:Telepathic & Telekinesis





•Gold’s Inventory•

The Crimson Jade [Her Sword]

The Blade Of The Past Leaders

Republic Of Everston Weaponry Gem Commucations

•Kyle’s Inventory•

[His Katana]

Kaylee Shores Weaponry Gem Commucations




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