Who Am I...

Eliana Vasquez

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

My father is Spanish, mother is Korean. We moved to Seoul Korea, my father was a gang leader but loved his wife very much and moved to Korea with her. He never stopped being a leader, as their only child I was or am technically the heir, do I want it.. no. Of course I grew up learning how to be tough and take care of myself and family which I’m grateful for but I needed change a chance to get out. My best friend Hina and I devised a plan to get away, and we did. I know my father wont be happy but hey I will be. Now were just traveling anywhere and everywhere.

My Appearance

5 ft 5 in girl with tan skin, silver eyes, and golden brown hair. Slim built and very active.


Duffle bag full of clothes.

My Secrets Are...

Mine to keep… for now.