Who Am I...

An orphan

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

He is single

My Story Is...

Samuel Wilson was abandoned in an alleyway at a month old in New York City. He was raised by Alexis Wilson.

He joined the Navy SEALs and has become one of the greatest marksmen and fighters that they have ever trained. He knows 10 martial arts and has mastered all types of guns.

He quit the Navy and has become a hired assassin to make money. He is a very known person in the assassin world and everyone likes him.

My Appearance

He is 6″ 2 and weighs 240 pounds. He has a Low Tapered Fade + Brush up hairstyle that is white. He is a white man and a very handsome guy that no girl can resist. He is very charming and funny.

He is an Angel that wears white garments has beautiful wings





My Secrets Are...