Samurai Noh

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Yokai: supernatural beings that live parallel of the human world. They call us demons, ghosts, spirits, monsters. Though, we are much more. We are stronger, and they fear us for our strength.


I am Sha’Kaan: a demon known to the humans as the ruler of the Yokai world; a menace to their structure and existence. They’ve feared me ever since the beginning, but now, I shall show them the truth. I shall show them that it was wise to fear me.


I, Sha’Kaan had released an unspeakable evil unto their lands; my kind ravaging and destroying them all. The foolish Samurai, warriors that have sworn to protect the lands against the evil Yoaki, dared to stand up to my might. I extinguished them one by one, group by group, city by city, nation by nation. I was unstoppable, but then, a young female Samurai stepped forward wielding a magical sword that sliced through my forces with ease. She came for me defeating me with unfathomable ease. Before the last blow was struck, however, I opened a portal through space and time sending the lone Samurai through the fabric of reality itself into distant lands. Now, she aims to return and save her land from the fate that is Sha’Kaan.


Who Am I...

A lost blade

My Story Is...



A lone girl; home ravaged by the war between humanity and the supernatural. Orphaned a week after her birth, she was taken in by a passing Samurai; a defender of the slowly burning world around her. She thought such fortune God’s way of showing mercy for the evil he had brought with the creation of man, but like all things, there is always an ulterior plan in all He does. It was discovered, an accident that involved her banishing a Yokai that tried to eat her with her cries alone, that she was beyond gifted in controlling the aura that governed the natural and unnatural world, and from that moment, her fate was set. A prophecy of hope long forgotten had finally been realized.



Anyone can guess what happened next to that little girl. As she grew, she trained rigorously; forced into extraneous routines as soon as she could walk. There was no mercy, for there would never be mercy when before the enemies. The Yokai are not known to show mercy. Though, the only solace in this war was the fact that even the Yokai were against each other; some wishing to live in peace with humanity rather than enslave or destroy it, but that is a near impossible future. What would the demons that need human blood do? Are the vampires expected to not feast on mortals; the werewolves forced to keep from hunting? No. A future of peace will only come when one side is completely subdued, and that is why she trains. Therefore, she had no childhood as the war continued growing more intense as she grew beside it, and the day finally came. She had reached the age of 18, and that was when they called.



The one known as the demon king, Sha’Kaan, had come. His siege on the human world was swift and fierce. Somehow, he had gained some horrible unspeakable power that ripped nations apart at whim. The world was savagely being torn apart by him, and only the chosen Samurai could stop him. Paired with a magical katana, she sliced her way through Sha’Kaan’s forces before finally reaching him and beginning the final battle against humanity and the Yokai. No doubt that after one of them dies, the side that the loser was on will surely give up this war. Well, that was how things were supposed to go, and the destined Samurai was soon to deliver the final strike after a long and hard-fought battle, but demons are known for their trickery.
Everything happened so quickly, Sha’Kaan had fallen to his knees; his head bare and her blade steady. Just one more swing was needed before a long gruesome war could end. Though, in a blinding white light as she struck; a strong downward swing, everything changed, and she fell into darkness before her blade hit home. And that, was when her world lost its savior. That was when they truly learned why Sha’Kaan is the demon king.







My Appearance


Physical Description

Noh is an Asian female standing at a height of 5’3”. Though, her Geta footwear adds three inches to her height making her 5’6” when in uniform. Underneath all that armor is a strong, lithe, pale female. Being of young age gives her a youthful look of innocence despite her harsh life of constant training and warfare. Despite how her face looks, the rest of her body shows how she truly lived. Her body is decorated by tiny scratches and scars, and her hands show this. However, her body still has a strange softness to it despite all the imperfections. She has jet black hair that reaches down right underneath her shoulder blades that she usually keeps tied up in a small high ponytail, pale blue/grey eyes that resemble the transparent cloud blocking out one’s view of the blue sky. Her lips are small but full; a pale pinkish color to them.




Currently, Noh is without armor.



My Blade




I carry with me only my blade and armor; my soul and my honor.

My Secrets Are...

If only I knew them myself.

I Believe...

A single shift of grain is all that's needed for change.