Who Am I...

Coyote Deity

Romantic Interests


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My Story Is...

Isily was born mortal…at first, but when her Native American parents called to the God Isilee…the keeper of magic… something went wrong. 


Instead of completing what their original plan was…they realized that their infant daughter had just…perished. A typical case of SIDS. Isily’s parents were devastated by this and gave up themselves to the Coyote Deity to bring their child back to life…he complied, but only if he can name her after himself. They easily agreed to this, wanting their first and only child to grow up and succeed.

The baby girl was blessed with part of his spirit…and since his time was ending… it’s now up to Isily to carry on as the”Goddess of Intelligence, Magic, and Tricks”.


Isily can:

  • Heal most wounds, but takes them on as her own
  • Channel her aura to grant superhuman strength and speed…but it tires her quickly, she has to rest longer if she uses it too many times in one fight. Once it kept her passed out for three full days…
  • Shapeshift between human, werecoyote, coyote, and the deity (the deity is as large as a direwolf and decorated with tribal signs and turquoise beads around her neck and the feather of a Thunderbird. This is Isily’s strongest form… knowledgeable in most magics…but can only stay out as long as Isily can hold the transformation. It drains her greatly, but is great in a dangerous battle).
  • Can talk to animals…and understand the emotions of plants
I Believe...

An ounce of loyalty is worth a pound of cleverness