Sarah Pheonix

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|Sarah’s Information|

Biogical Name:

Sarah “Emily” Singetail


DOB:31st Of February



Magic:Tierra & Fabrication

Career:Stage Singer

Who Am I...

The Scarlet Pheonix

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Sarah’s Life Tale
So people all May know me as The “Scarlet Pheonix” but you should know how I choose that as my Singer name.
The Beginning
28 years ago,                         Being The First Born AKA the misplan Child Of Jade Thornson and River Singetail but Tragedy Struck and I was handed  over to a kind and sweet woman who goes by the name of Emra Pheonix which is when my name was Changed to  part Sarah “Emily” Pheonix. Years Later I discovered why I was given to a New Family it was because my biogical mother had lost her memory in a Battle and as for my father, well he still loved and cared about me but he had a bussiness to run and wanted the best for me and he used his money to Support me
Early Preteens
When I six I didn’t know,that my father intended to give me or one of my older half sister’s his bussiness. He wanted to leave all his issues with his Kids but that’s the same week that Ilona Took her own life cause a Child had been forced onto her own child and to make her future equal Nothing.
Tragedy Strikes Again
Only a couple years later before I witnessed my own Adoptive Mother’s Home catch fire which dosed me in traumatic images and Memories,which is when I choose that I wanted to become a Singer with the nickname of The Scarlet Pheonix who spreads happiness and awareness about mental illness and  negative Emotions through my Insirping Music for my friends,family and fans.

My Appearance

Blackish Brown Hair & Blue eyes with Black Falcon wings and Hair matching Neko Ears that can be hiddened

Light Red and Grey Long Dress for Events & Gigs

Light Purple/Dark Purple mixed Shirt and Black Jeans with Winter boots for Everyday


Weapon:Microphone Blade & Guitar Shield

ID To Emily Musicials

My Secrets Are...

That I don’t tell anyone not even my biogical family

I Believe...

I can spread Happiness to those who havw