Seosaimhín Volkova

Who Am I...

Seosaimhín Volkov, pronounced show-sah-veen Vole-kohv

Romantic Interests

They vary from day to day.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

If only I knew. I seem to be missing the memories from before a year ago. I know my name, and I know how to fight, but I don’t remember what I am or much else.

My Appearance

Long and wavy black hair that falls just past the middle of my back and frizzes uncontrollably in the slightest humidity, stormy grey eyes that are often compared to Quicksilver, and pale skin dotted sparingly with freckles. Standing at five feet and three inches tall, I tower over most elementary school children. The tattoo on my left shoulder depicts a beautiful tribal style wolf. A small scar runs the length of my collar bone on the right side of my body, curving up into my shoulder where it stops. My usual attire usually consists of black trousers, and a leather or lace corset that covers a plain shirt or peasant top.


A staff that comes apart in the middle and opens up to become a set of two blades.

My Secrets Are...

Nobody’s business

I Believe...

That privacy is important.