Artorias of the Abyss

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Artorias and his faithful companion Sif


Who Am I...

A true knight of Lord Gwyn

Romantic Interests

A woman of nature, caring to the world.

My Story Is...

After the Dragon Wars and the taking of the surface, Lord Gwyn established Anor Londo the land of the Lords, and ruled over the kingdoms of men. During a period of turmoil war against the Lords broke out and the men of distant nations fought against Anor Londo and its allies. Lord Gwyn sent hosts to neighboring nations to request their allegiance. As they traveled through the Forest they came upon a holy warrior who blocked the shortest passage to Oolacile and none could budge him. Word was sent to Gwyn of the knight’s battle prowess. Gough tried to move him but his Arrows could not pierce the Knight’s Greatshield, Ornstein tried to defeat him and a great battle ensued but was ended in stalemate upon the arrival of Gwyn. Gwyn urged the Knight to allow his host to pass, but the Knight would not allow Gwyn’s armies to foul the purity of the forest and the Knight did not budge. Gwyn asked the Knight to remove himself in service of Gwyn, Lord of Sunlight, but the knight refused, as he served another holy order. Gwyn then battled with the Knight and he could not defeat him by Greatsword alone, Gwyn summoned the might of the Sun and rained lightning upon the Knight who would have fallen if not for his Greatshield. The Knight then accepted Gwyn as a Lord, and vowed himself to Gwyn should he ever need his service. Gwyn then returned with the knight and learned of his name, he was called Artorias. Gwyn granted Artorias quarters among the Knights, but he requested to dwell in the nearby Darkroot Gardens for he preferred the solemnity and isolation of the forest. His request, though unusual, was granted. But Gwyn, untrusting of Artorias, sent in secret, Ciaran, the Lord’s Blade to watch Artorias for Gwyn found him to be different.
Artorias walked among the gardens of the forest and beheld its wonders and he took house in its ancient ruins. It was here Artorias came upon a great wolf pup, gravely injured for the animal had battled for its life. Artorias did not find it in his nature to heal the weak and left the great wolf for it would soon die. Gwyn then sent for Artorias and he was honorable, so he went. Artorias found an assembly and Gwyn asked him to come forth and kneel to be knighted, and Artorias came forth but did not kneel, the assembly thought the Lord offended, but Gwyn smiled. Gwyn, Lord of Sunlight then knighted Artorias, Sir Knight Artorias, and granted him the Wolf’s Ring,


“Sir Knight Artorias you have an unbendable will of steel and are unmatched with a Greatsword. I give to thee, the Wolf’s Ring may it keep thine heart as stalwart as the mighty steel you adorn.”


Sir Knight Artorias was grateful and wore the ring; he remained for the ceremony and when it ended he left for the forest, but was again followed by the Lord’s Blade, Ciaran. Upon entering the forest, he found the grey wolf nearer to his camp than when he left him, and he was still alive. Artorias then looked down at his Wolf’s ring and felt pity, he tried to heal the wolf, but the wounds were too great.
Knight Artorias pleaded with the Gods to heal this great wolf that he may live to serve. Knight Artorias was heard and the protector of the forest came to him. A great cat appeared among the ruins, a cat of fearsome look named Alvina. She heard the deep cry of an honorable man and friend of the forest and said she would heal the wolf in return for the wolf’s service. Artorias then named the wolf Sif and formed a covenant in his name. Sif lived, and was forever Artorias companion.
Ciaran watched the events in secret and she was moved by Artorias’ act of kindness. She thought of him a great man and she returned to Gwyn to speak of these events.


Artorias was called upon throughout the age and he became famed as a fierce and mighty warrior who kept at his side a fearsome Great Grey Wolf named Sif. Artorias was deeply loved and respected by the people of Gwyn’s kingdoms and his fellow knights who felt great camaraderie for Artorias, most specifically Ciaran who loved him with all her heart.
Then the fires began to fade and there was word of Oolacile being turned into ruins from the spread of a great darkness. Gwyn was given word that creatures of some nameless horror had taken over and corrupted its inhabitants who cast dark magic throughout the land.
Gwyn did not heed to this danger as he had been at war with the chaos demons, but upon hearing the darkness had spread to New Londo he grew fearful. Gwyn heard of the nature of the dark and its corruptive forces so he sent Sir Knight Artorias, for he trusted his great will to protect him.

Sir Knight Artorias went to New Londo and battled with the darkness destroying all beings that were unnatural. In his wrestle with the darkness his Greatsword took on the nature of the dark and was cursed ever after. Artorias reached deep within the darkness until he met a plane not of this world and could not continue, from the depths arose a great beast of the darkness. Artorias knew of the beast’s true nature and desire to seduce him. To continue forward he deceived the beast and entered into a covenant and in semblance of, Artorias was given a ring with the power to traverse the plane of darkness, the abyss.
Artorias returned to Anor Londo and told Gwyn of his finding of the Abyss and its darkness. He told him of the power he was granted and his plan to double-cross the beast and defeat the evil of Oolacile and restore peace to Lordran and the flames. Gwyn then held a ceremony for Artorias, and publicly commissioned him to defeat the unnatural dark. He was given a special title for his bravery, Sir Knight Artorias the Abysswalker and Gwyn then gave to his faithful knight an ancient treasure of Anor Londo, a silver pendant, known to protect of dark magics.

Before leaving Artorias met with Ciaran who requested his presence; in their time together as knights she grew to love Artorias and she told him of her love and her admiration for his character of the highest nobility. She then kissed him and blessed his shield, that it would guide him through the abyss. Ciaran spoke that if he should not return she would see his soul to rest.
Sir Knight Artorias bid his leave to the Four Knights of Gwyn and left Anor Londo with his Great Grey Wolf companion Sif.
Artorias passed from Lordran, into the land of Oolacile. Oolacile was plagued by the evils from which its people awoke. Together Artorias and Sif defeated the shame and evil on the surface of Oolacile with ease. Then they entered to true darkness, they battled and tore at the evil through its perilous caverns and though Artorias’ was battered his will was un-wavered.
But Sif the beloved companion who Artorias felt all the fellowship of a father and son for was overcome by the dark, but before Sif fully passed, Artorias sacrificed the use of his Greatshield, which the abyss could not affect, and laid the shield down in protection of Sif to repel the abyss which threatened to take him…
The Abyss then brought Artorias to his knees, and threatened him, but for his heart, mind and soul Artorias arose with great travail from the darkness that clutched to keep him still and he pressed forward by will alone. His dark armor clothed in the azure blue embellished by his musty tassel a symbol of pride and glory, he walked onward with only his unbendable will and cursed Greatsword to aid him, for faithless is he that says farewell when the road has darkened, and then Artorias passed beyond Sif’s sight…
Artorias stood before a beast with many eyes, the father of this evil, he felt contrition for his Lord, but he knew not where such thoughts came from. Artorias sought to fulfill the betrayal of the abyssal covenant and bring about an end to the suffering of Oolacile. But the weary of his soul was too great for it was not of the dark; attrition wore him, till the abyss took him and Sir Knight Artorias the Abysswalker, the faithful knight, unbendable and unmatched, fell forever, until his soul be put to rest…


18+, Paragraphs and a good time. Isnt a good story what we all want.


I don’t do one line post or modern settings I’m sorry. I cannot unfortunately see Artorias in the modern setting.


I am looking for someone to play a love interest in Artorias’ life. Preferably a Ciaran.

My Appearance

Height: 9’2


Race: Knight Artorias is part brother race to humans that trace thier lineage to the first flame instead of the dark soul. There is no true name for Artorias’ race but he is referred to as Lord.


Skin: Light pale, Artorias enjoys nature and the beauty of the natural world and is sometimes mocked by fellow lords for his fairy like attitude toward the earth.


Eyes: bright blue


Hair: Silver straight



My Secrets Are...

Sif my companion is my most dearest friend, his presence gives me strength and feeds my ambition for victory.