Info (abyss)

Who Am I...

I am a villain in the BNHA or MHA universe or just a person.

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

my father was a hero but my mother was a villain. she hid it from him and had me. my father’s quirk was getting information from people from touch. my mother’s quirk is kind of like Medusa with the eye contact but you don’t turn to stone, you just can’t move and it’s like you’re being suffocated.

I got the eye contact part but instead of direct eye contact, I just have to look at the person and information will appear in my eyes. I have to blink to remove it and the words only erase one sentence at a time. I can’t make them freeze, but I can get information on them. I get their quirk, their strengths, their weaknesses BUT if they were quirkless, and given a quirk, they will still show up as quirkless.

I can’t go into crowds because I get too much information and it causes a huge headache.

When my quirk showed up, my mother took me to some random villain trainer. She sold me to him and I was trained. I didn’t want to but every time I disobeyed, there was a punishment.

(I hope you like this quirk, it was the first one I made. this took so long to flippin write!)

My Appearance

I am pale with long brown hair. I wear a dark grey coat with a grey shirt and black tights. I have dark teal boots. I normally keep my hair in a bun to keep it out of the way.

(I drew her a lot and I’m thinking of doing her ref, here’s a picture just because I can’t really expain what someone looks like well. )



My Secrets Are...

I love cats and kittens or anything fluffy and soft.