Angela Thornson

Intro Video



Mother:Edna Thornson


Aunt:Sarah Thornson-Singetail (Deceased)

Father:Vozhad Chirstina

Elder Sister:Amara Chirstina

Brother Inn-Law:Myles Chirstina

Niece:Adele Chirstina

Nephew:Hades Chirstina

Spouse:Squall Leonheart (Mine)

Adopted Daughter:Carissa Thornson

Daughter:Skaoi Thornson

Son:Meili Thornson



Who Am I...

Angela The Hier To The Thornson Family Name

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Enagaged To Squall Leonheart

My Story Is...

I was born in the 21st Century during the Void Crisis, to Edna Thornson and Vozhad Chirstina.

I grew up to my sisters respectful words, I love her but then I got word that I was the only Thornson to try and relive the family.

Amara helped me smelt down Rachel Thornson’s weapon, into the current Weapon I have..

Now I’m heading back to Cadzenziera to be trained under Skyla Skymoon I

My Appearance

~*Angela’s Bio*~

Birth Name:

Angela “Scarlet” Thornson


Years Lived:18

Date Of Birth:May 19th

Type:Wolf,Dragon Human Hybrid

Magikcraft:Thorns & Pattern

~*General Looks*~


Hair Pigmentation:Light Pink

Hair Cut:Long

Eye Pigmentation: Darkened Green

Eyelashes Cut:Medium


Arm Armor Plates with long white shirt on

Long Shirt and Boots


~*Backpack Belonging to Angela*~

*Shiftable Weaponry Case

*The Thorned Carrier (Sword)

*Jadia Bay Watch Commucations

My Secrets Are...

Secrets are secrets, if I told you they won’t be anymore

I Believe...

Legacy's can be choosen as Destiny or Fate