Hey there. So if you’re looking at this, you’re probably wondering if there’s more to me than you see in the silly summary above. As most stories are, there’s always more to the picture than everyone really can see. I would be a liar if I said my story was ordinary, but I wouldn’t say that it’s much different from everyone else’s.

For starters, let me introduce myself! Hi! I’m Scarlett Daloki Slayter. I was born on June the 10th, of the year 2012. So, I was born in the year of the dragon (ironic, right?), and I am also of course, a Gemini (for you astrology weirdos).

I was born as the child of Devek and Cecilia (Girlycard) Slayter. They were there for me my whole life. And for that, I will always be grateful. My mother was a vampire, and my father was a Felis (it’s like a cheetah man thing). On the otherhand though, my father also had a Cthuvian host within, so on the night I was conceived, I wasn’t born to be a vampiric felis. I was born to be half vampire, half Cthuvian. My grandfather went so far as to call me the Abomination of Nations.

I grew up a fairly happy child with plans of becoming Queen of the world someday. I had a strong fascination with dragons, and felt that they were often mistreated or misunderstood. My father gave me a dragon egg for Christmas, and I raised the dragon as I would my own. He is now fully grown, and I ride him whenever I have the chance to. I also have a dragon named Echo, she’s about the size of a horse now. I don’t expect her to grow much bigger than that.


Deep within me though, I had a more wicked Cthuvian side. A monster meaner than all who existed. She was the main cause of my death (aside from my aunt Aosoth fatally stabbing me in the chest). LUCKILY, my parents had purchased a construct body to save me from eternal death. I lost my memories, but have for the most part put pieces together using the pages of diaries I had kept for a memoir.

Some time later, I moved to Providence after meeting a man named Tywin Lannister. I figured that I could be his apprentice to get some experience for my resume before I ran for Queen of Consequence. As time dragged on though, I realized that monarchy would never do, and Consequence was tainted beyond repair. Leaving my home town was hard, but I couldn’t have done it without my best friends, Mick, Jaime, Joshua, and Ethan.

While I was working with Tywin, I had the pleasure of meeting his son. Of course, I fell madly in love with the silly blonde haired sonofabitch named Jaime Lannister.  Unfortunately he was taken from me in June of 2016.


So a few things you should know OOCLY, I am mainly a chat user, and don’t get around to comments very often, so please be patient with how long it takes for me to get back to you. Don’t try to kill my character please. I don’t really care how long your posts are so long as they are (mostly) grammatically correct. Please respect my own post size too, as I may just not have much to say at all.

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My Story Is...

It all started on June 10th of 2012. I was brought into this world by my loving parents, Cecilia and Devek Slayter. I was loved by them, and I couldn’t have asked for better parents. My other family however, at times treated me like a god, and other times treated me like the antichrist. All of this because I was born with a little bit of the Other (my father’s cthuvian side) within me. This bit of the Other, caused me to commit murder without remorse. At one point, I even killed my own mother. She’s alive now, thank god.


My Cthuvian side got worse when I was forced to marry Elvis Pater against my own will. Fortunately though, he ended up being very kind to me. On the anniversary of the wedding, my aunt Aosoth killed me with a dagger that Amon had given my mother months prior, Once again, I was fortunate enough to have had powerful friends that preserved my consciousness enough for me to have a construct body. My Cthuvian side now walks the free world, but I too am free now.


After some time, I decided to leave Consequence and join Providence in hopes of gaining some political experience, as a lifetime aspiration was for me to become a queen. After the entire war, with it being nuked and all, I fell in love with Jaime Lannister and married him. Together, we started a democracy in Persistence. I have a son, Hurricane Burt Cruise Slayter Karate Meical Macklin Demon Jack-o-Lantern Lannister.


In the early June of 2016, my husband was tragically murdered and stolen from me, but I am now a cupcake maker and a dragon trainer.

My Appearance

I’ve got hazelnut hair, black eyes, pale-ish skin (caucasian), annnd I think that’s it?


My backpack, Dervish’s hat, a crystal owl, music, a gun, my gizmo, several 5 pound gummy bears, a lightsaber, a sword, a harness fit for a dragon, armor, etc.