Chance 'Chancy' Jones



“We’ll be safe down here, Lonnie!”


My Story Is...

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He’s made up of bad decisions.

Before the bombs fell he was a simple, 20 something year old sheriff in Jackson County, with a night life as a gambler and a heavy drinker. Still the latter if he can help it. He lost his wife to the habits that ensnare him and his daughter to the one huge miscalculation that lead up to him looking like mellow jerky…

He’s made up of bad decisions. 

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My Appearance

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-6’2ft Tall
-Pale gaunt features
-Either wearing what is shown or a simple dress shirt with slacks and a pair of Brogues
-Despite his circumstances he has a set of pearly chompers and often smiles to show them off

















-A Western Revolver
-A Hunting rifle
-A bottle of Nuka Cola Quantum
-A bottle of vodka
-Stack of pre war dollars
-Small pouch of caps
-Whatever he’s scavenged on his ventures
Often times walks around with his cat Grace. An irradiated feline.

My Secrets Are...

“I wish I could stop…”

I Believe...

"The world'll carry on after you're gone."