F.E.V reject #627

Who Am I...

character #1 I am a priest,but not the kind you would like to meet. character #2 I was human once i think,then the indecent happened

Romantic Interests

character #1 both/any that love dragons as much as i do character #2 both/any that can see past my appearance

Relationship Status

character #1 with XGenuisXx character #2 Single

My Story Is...

character #1 I served the dragons in the first era and was quite powerful, but then the war came and I was overthrown and imprisoned in a tomb to rot for an eternity, but I was freed by a foolish adventurer that thought they could steal my mask, they paid for their foolishness, now I wonder the world seeking likeminded souls to rebuild the dragon cult and reclaim what was taken from me.

character #2 I used to be human, normal like you or any other human, but I was changed forcibly, they said that the vaults would protect us, instead, they where what harmed us the most, I was living it vault 87 after the bombs fell and for a time all was fine, then people started getting sick and going to the medbay never to come back, we where told they died but we never saw bodies, then one day I too got sick so I went to the medbay,I still regret doing so to this day, at first everything was fine but then they said they needed to run more tests,so I complied not seeing any harm in it,oh how wrong I was,they put me in this chamber and pumped it full of this strange gas, by the time I knew what was happening it was too late, the pain was unbearable, my body seemed to turn against itself morphing and changing until I finally became what I am now,I am not human nore am I a super mutaint like the others,no I am a reject not quite either,that was about 212 years ago,been like this ever since. I still search for a cure to this day.

My Appearance

character #1 I am about six foot four, I look like a walking corpse, I still like to eat and drink even though I have no need to.

character #2 I am about 7’8″ hulking and discolored, I used to be greenish but now thanks to the sun and these little devices I am more of a blueish gray, I look like a monster but I am still just as human underneath as I used to be.


character#1 I have my mask given to me by the dragons of old, my dragon priests dagger, my staff, and the rotten remains of what was once my robes, I also possess a pouch that I store trinkets and things that I have obtained over the years.

character #2 I have many things I’ve picked up over the years they mainly consist of my custom made steel boots, my camo pants, my hand made backpack that I keep things in, my fine-tuned laser rifle, and my journal that I like to write in to keep track of things.,as well as the deed to a rather large piece of land near persistence that was sold to him by ALL corp that he is building a military compound as well as establish his own army to continue his research and development that he started before the war.

My Secrets Are...

character #1 Mine to keep until you earn them.

character #2 I hate the others of my kind and prefer the company of the few humans that can stand me

I Believe...

character #1 That dragons are the true master race and will return to power one day. character#2 I can find a cure to the F.E.V