Fox tales

Who Am I...

I am Fox tales mighty warrior of the Northern forest tribe. I am of my 18th summer and am on a journey to learn of the modern world so i may bring its knowledge back to my home and better it, I may seem wary at first but if you can earn my friendship and trust i would fallow you to the ends of the earth

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

My name is Fox tales, I am a fox woman from the Northern forest tribe, I am of my 18th summer and traveling the world to find new knowledge and learn of the modern world,I am a warrior and a caretaker, I will fight if I have to but generally will not start conflict for no reason,I am very loving to animals and children, I may not have any of my own but my tribe has told me that i act as a mother to most of the tribe.



My Appearance

I am 6’4″ tall and have a lithe frame my body is covered in an orangish-red fur that is permanently stained with the markings of my tribe,I am dressed in the traditional garb of my people, it consists of a woven grass top that has been likened to a bikini top, and what is essentially a woven grass loincloth, as well as arm guards of woven grass, overall it covers what needs to be covered thought it has been called a glorified skimpy grass bikini, thought since its normal for her people she is oblivious to this.





she carries the cloths she has on, her spear, the sack on her back, a waterskin, a flint and steel, and various medical supplies for healing *  ( * note this is tribal medical supplies meaning not as advanced but still functional), and gold and silver nuggets for tradeing


My Secrets Are...

ask and maybe I shall tell you



I Believe...

that one should not be limited to one partner so long as they all love each other then they should be together