Bella the hell hound

Intro Video

Who Am I...

im a hound, a puneshor of damned souls,the devils favorite pet

Romantic Interests

Men/women or any that can see past the hole beast from hell thing

Relationship Status

unmated as of now

My Story Is...

I’m a hell hound, we live mostly in hell, the residential part see most mortals don’t know what hell is actually a really nice place to live if one was born their like I was, my mommy is a hound and daddy is an incubus basically the male counterpart to a succubus, like all hell hounds I help guard hell against souls trying to get out or other forces trying to get in, I was especially brutal and efficient in my work, not a single soul ever escaped on my watch, this, of course, caught the attention of the big man himself, that’s right lucifer belsibob, satin, the devil, prince of darkness whatever you wanna call him. He summoned me and like any hound, I obeyed he was impressed by me(no easy feat if you know him)he made me his new personal pet which is the highest honor any hound can get, ( all hounds of hell are already his pets but can be promoted) and I served him loyally for many centuries but eventually got bored, master seeing this granted me leave from hell to go out and explore and witness the mortal world for myself hence why I’m here, I hope to meet many mortals, make friends and just have a good time.



My Appearance

I’m about 6 foot 2 inches that’s average for a female hound, I have grayish-black fur, long tail, golden and or blue eyes depending on whether or not I’m using my hellish abilities, and mid-sized breasts, well my main ones are mid-sized, I have 8 nipples like any dog but most of them are covered by my fur


my clothing which I change depending on my mood or needs, my collar that all hounds wear, and my bag that I carry on my shoulder, it allows me to carry anything I might find and want.





My Secrets Are...

everyone goes to hell for a little while when they die to wash off their sins before going to the afterlife but no one ever tells them this, and neither will I, why spoil the surprise


I Believe...

that even beasts deserve a chance