Scorch bunny


“say I’m cute..I fucking dare you”

Who Am I...

A fire infused bunny

Romantic Interests

Mainly guys..cause I've been hurt too many times by women

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Scorbunny is a rabbit-like Pokémon that has a predominantly white body with orange and yellow markings on its ears, toes, and neck. It has buckteeth, an orange nose and irises, as well as a yellow band shape across its nose, resembling a bandage. It has long legs with long feet and the same yellow band on its nose under each paw pad.

A warm-up of running can cause the fire energy in Scorbunny to start coursing through its body. When this occurs, Scorbunny will be able to fight at full power. The special pads on the back of feet and nose can generate heat once it is ready to fight. Scorbunny loves to run and is filled with energy, and can start small fires from underneath its feet. By using its powerful legs, Scorbunny can run and jump around its opponents in order to confuse and disorient them


Old single action revolver
Break action double barreled shotgun
Molotov cocktails

My Secrets Are...

I hate being called cute

I Believe...

In kindness