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Lowblood, pirate, trader of goods, smuggler, murderer, thief… on a good day, I'm just called a khajiit.

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Now isn't that a curious thing to want to know?

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Hm… there might be someone. Not your business.

My Story Is...


Do’Sajar was born under the Dominion flag in Elsweyr back in his homeworld. His father was a Thalmor assassin while his mother was an alchemist who made poisons for the Thalmor. Even at a young age, Do’Sajar was a bit of a free spirit, as the Thalmor wanted to train him to become an assassin like his father, he was often running off and doing his own thing. At the time, he was completely unaware of the seriousness of the situation. To him, the Thalmor just wanted to ruin his fun and his parents were just strict, he did not realize the full situation.


During his late childhood years, the Thalmor had finally had enough of his rogue mentality and adventurous nature. They gave his father the ultimatum of keeping him in check or them doing it themselves. Of course, his father chose the former and began to reel Do’Sajar in with a much stricter lifestyle. During this time, his father would also begin to train him in fighting and the art of stealth, knowing that he would not be able to save him from the life as a Thalmor assassin without causing bloodshed of his own. Meanwhile, his mother would start to teach him how to brew proper potions… as well as poisons.


As soon as his adventurous lifestyle came to a halt due to the sudden strict upbringing, it was then that Do’Sajar began to truly realize what exactly his future held the more he got older. He began to realize more what the Dominion and Thalmor truly were. Of course, he did not desire such a lifestyle, but his father wanted peace and was willing to turn him into a killer to keep it. His mother, however, had different plans.


Teen years

In his later teen years, his mother would start to devise a plan to get Do’Sajar far away out of Dominion territory in hopes to give him a normal life. Unfortunately, after a few months of planning, the Thalmor caught wind of her plans. This was the turning point in Do’Sajar’s life, as to ‘give the cat a message’, they had Do’Sajar’s father be the one to kill his mother. Do’Sajar had no words or thoughts when he witnessed his father cut his own mother’s throat, he only felt nauseous and betrayal, as well as confusion.


Due to his still young age, Do’Sajar was intimidated enough to submit to the Thalmor for the time, and allowed himself to train as a Thalmor assassin for the Aldmeri Dominion for the rest of his teen years and a portion of his adulthood.



Do’Sajar had completed his training and was assigned his first target before he was even twenty years old. His first target was a young wood elf servant who was poisoning Dominion soldiers’ food. His assignment was to discover which servant was the culprit and eliminate her.


His mission went smoothly enough, he had discovered the identity of the servant, and waited for his opportunity. He waited until she was asleep before he approached, covered her mouth, and plunged his dagger into her chest. It was the first person he had ever killed.


Do’Sajar would continue to be a Thalmor assassin, swallowing the guilt that came with nearly every target he had to kill. He knew they were just tired of the Thalmor’s oppression, he knew that they just wanted to either flee or fight back against them. As far as he was concerned, they were innocent, and yet he had to kill them.


Soon, Do’Sajar was reaching mid twenties, having been a Thalmor assassin for several years, even occasionally working with his father, whom he still resented. However, working with him would soon change as Do’Sajar’s last target before he left was something that he was shocked to learn: His next target was his own father.


It turned out that Do’Sajar’s father was starting to get tired of serving the Dominion – killing people they just decided was guilty and having to constantly be under their boot, and had finally started to assist those wanting to flee in secret. After being discovered, that was when they decided Do’Sajar should carry out the act, given that he was the most likely to be able to get close to him.


Do’Sajar, at the time, still resented his father for what he had taken from him. He was close to his mother, he loved her, even if she did serve the Thalmor and Dominion as well. As a result, he took on the contract without hesitation and went to pursue his father.


It was not difficult to find him, his father was at home, writing a letter; he never even read it, he did not know what it was. Do’Sajar confronted him directly, accusing him of betraying the Aldmeri Dominion. His father was calm as he always was, claiming that the Dominion was tyrannical and oppressive, especially to the beast races like themselves. He then told Do’Sajar to not fool himself and just acknowledge that he just wanted to kill him because of what he did to his mother. After a brief back and forth between them, his father was done talking and told him to just do it. Do’Sajar hesitated, just for a second, but then approached him, dagger in his hand, and plunged it into his side. Repeatedly.


The task was carried out and he killed his own father, but after doing so; something snapped in him. He felt a strong sense of anger and loneliness. He had no siblings, no mother, no father, no friends… that was the last of what he had, and he just ended it. It was right there on the spot that he knew he could no longer serve them. That was the last request he could take from the Dominion. He wanted his own life, he wanted to do what he wanted to do.


Do’Sajar dropped the dagger right next to his father’s corpse, stepped back, then turned and fled the house, but did not return to report his successful mission, but instead just began to flee towards the shore to the docks. He had enough coin to buy passage and just took the closest ship he could, not caring where it went. It was later he would realize it lead to Stros M’Kai.


The life of a pirate begins…

Do’Sajar arrived at the land of Stros M’Kai, a desert island that was infamous for it’s smuggling operations and pirates. He made his way on land but did not have any sense of direction on where he wanted to go. He was away from the Dominion, that was what he cared about. He would spend the rest of his coin going to taverns and drinking himself away for the next few days.


A few days had passed, each of them ending in him drunk and passed out on a tavern floor, until one day he was doing the same thing again, sitting at a table and drinking his problems away. That was, until, a small group approached him and began to call him racial slurs for being a khajiit; saying that they ‘did not want fur in their ale’. The confrontation quickly resulted in a fight, just him against three men. Despite being outnumbered, his training as a Thalmor assassin proved useful, and he quickly fought down all three men in a matter of moments. This caught the eye of one of the men in the room; who would then approach him and make him an offer that would allow him to drink all he wants, be his own man, and make a bunch of gold while doing it.


The man introduced himself as Abvir Doshan, a pirate captain who had raided many ships that were claimed to be impervious to pirates. He took note of how well Do’Sajar handled himself but was clearly lost, and offered him a place on his ship. While he was not fond of taking orders, he could not deny that making money off of being himself was something that he would take any day. He accepted the offer on the spot.


Do’Sajar was pleased to learn later when he boarded the ship that there were races of all kinds on it: khajiit, argonians, elves, all of the sorts. It at least made him feel more at ease that he would not have a similar situation like at the tavern. Later that day, they would set off into the sea to plunder ships that they desired.


For the next year, Do’Sajar would become a valued member of Abvir’s crew, having been some of the first to jump aboard their targeted ships and fighting endlessly, as well as assisting in bringing back as much loot as he could carry. Abvir would soon call Do’Sajar a ‘close friend’, but unfortunately, such things would not last with the life they followed.


The last ship they had raided was a Dominion scout ship, which was more than enough to have the Dominion start to target Abvir and his crew. One day while out at sea, they were ambushed by a small Dominion fleet, which would be the day Abvir and his ship would fall.


They had managed to take a couple of ships with them, but Abvir’s ship was up in flames and rapidly sinking, Abvir was wounded from Dominion sailors boarding the ship. He told Do’Sajar to save himself in any way he could. Do’Sajar tried to reason with him and bring him along, but he was a captain; he was going down with the ship, that was not going to be debated. He held up a small ball in his hand and gave Do’Sajar a grin, telling him that the Dominion would be in for one good surprise. Do’Sajar knew he could not linger any longer, as Dominion soldiers rapidly approached, he gave Abvir a small nod and quickly sprinted to the edge and jumped over into the water.


Almost immediately after Do’Sajar went under water, he looked up at the ship from below and noticed it immediately explode in flames, the entire ship breaking apart and nearly sinking down. Abvir got the last laugh, but Do’Sajar could not share the laughter.


After surfacing in the water, he quickly checked his surroundings and was able to notice a Dominion ship in the distance that was up in flames, but not sinking, the sails intact, but it appeared that the sailors abandoned ship thinking it was lost. He quickly made his way to the ship, climbed his way up to it, ran to the wheel, and made his escape. The Dominion banners on it allowed him to sneak by without the other ships attacking him. He then made his way back to Stros M’Kai to give the news to the others.


By the time Do’Sajar got back to the island, he had made sure to remove the Dominion banners by then and douse the flames, but the ship was badly damaged by then. Still, it sailed all the same and allowed him to get to Stros M’Kai safely. When he got there, he was greeted by some of Abvir’s allies, who were immediately upset to learn of his demise. They knew Abvir respected Do’Sajar quite a bit, and in respect to both of them, they decided they would assist in patching up the ship he arrived in. It would be his, and he would be able to command his own crew, build a future of fortune for himself and whatever crew he picked up.


They asked him what he wanted to name the ship. Do’Sajar could not think of any more appropriate name for a burnt ship that he rode back home with. He turned his head to look at the blackened ship and tattered sails,

“The Scorching Senche.”


(Senche is a breed of khajiit, felines the size of horses that bipedal khajiit typically ride into battle with.)

The Scorching Senche’s rowboat

My Appearance

Do’Sajar keeps true to his imagery as a pirate and rogue. All of his attire is worn, dirty, and makeshift. Being a captain of his own ship, he stands out from the rest of his crew. His typical attire consists of a long black leather jacket that reached down to his ankles, a red sash wrapped loosely around his waist, leather straps wrapped around his forearms as makeshift armor, a fingerless glove on his left hand, long brown thick-leather boots, and a short curved blade strapped to his side. For his physical appearance, however, he has very light grey fur with black markings across his face, bright blue eyes, and a scar across his right eye and a scar on his lower jawline.


Short curved blade

Large bag of coins solely for bribery

Compact crossbow

His ship – The Scorching Senche

My Secrets Are...

What in the blazes is the point of telling somebody if it’s meant to be a secret?! Besides… I don’t have any secrets… ahem.

I Believe...

You make a name for yourself, don't lick any damn boots.