Who Am I...

A dark overlord of chaos

My Story Is...

Set out against his brother to prove who is the greater overlord, he prepares with Chaotic magic, combat prowess, and sets out to subvert the more monster like races under his gauntlet adorned hand, and what ever fiendish beings he is given through his darkness.

My Appearance

He keeps his head shaved, scarred and heavily marked all over his face. He wears heavy armor, so far a breast and black plate, pauldrons and gauntlets, his biceps currently uncovered, his lower armor not entirely as comprehensive as his upper body so far. His skin takes on odd colors due to his demonic heritage taking hold.


A collection of fuck-all weapons, an Iron Grip, and a tome that he tends to forget about.

My Secrets Are...

Secretly loves kittens

I Believe...

I will beat my brother in submission! And that he's a nerd!