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Vehicle of choice  ::  Hell Cycle


The Hell Cycle is the common mode of transportation of Ghost Riders. It was created by Mephisto as the steed of his bounty hunter the Spirits of Vengeance. It is powered by Hellfire; and is not effected by the natural laws of physics.

The Hell Cycle is capable of moving at incredible speeds, moving up vertical surfaces, cross bodies of water and at some times capable of flight. The wheels are constantly on fire, which leaves a trail along the road when moving at its incredible speeds. The Hell Cycle will follow the command of the Ghost Rider, even when she is not riding it. The bike will follow her every order.








As the Ghost Rider, she possesses a variety of supernatural abilities at her disposal. These powers could also be accessed by Johnny Blaze but were unknowingly under utilized due to his lack of imagination.

Ghost Rider Transformation: Gillian possesses the supernatural ability to transform into the Ghost Rider at will. It’s unknown if she has any conditions she needs to fill in order to transform. However, her main intentions to becoming the new Ghost Rider is to completely annihilate sin from the face of the Earth.

Superhuman Capabilities: Similar to any other supernatural being, the Ghost Rider owns several superhuman feats:

Superhuman Strength: The Ghost Rider possesses superhuman strength sufficient to lift up to 5 tons. Since she carries A True Spirit of Vengeance, it is possible she could increase her powers and strength to incalculable measurements.
Superhuman Stamina: The mystical energy that empowers Ghost Rider prevents her muscles from producing fatigue toxins during physical activities, granting her limitless superhuman stamina.
Superhuman Durability: The Ghost Rider is capable of withstanding great impact forces, temperature and pressure extremes, powerful energy blasts, and falls from great heights without sustaining injury. As her bodily tissues have been transformed, leaving only a skeleton, most projectiles such as bullets simply pass through her or bounce off her bones. Ghost Rider’s body is for all intents immune to physical injury, as she is evidently not able to feel pain and is able to survive with no apparent discomfort no matter how severe the injury (unless a weapon forged from Heaven itself is used against her).

Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite her invulnerability to conventional forms of injury, objects such as weapons forged in heaven by the arch angel Zadkiel, can actually harm the Ghost Rider to a certain extent. However, if her being is damaged, the magical energies imbuing her allows the Ghost Rider or Gillian to instantly regenerate any and all damage done, even to the point of fully regenerating lost limbs in moments, and regenerating her skull after it was destroyed in seconds without any discomfort or any evident pain.
Empathic Reading: Ghost Rider is able to feel the transgression of the individuals she encounters by looking into their heart and soul. She can decide whether or not a person is innocent or evil, and in need of punishment.

Identity Detection: She can also determine the identity of the individual by simply looking into their soul. However, if certain beings do not possess a soul such as a symbiote or demons, she can still identify them.

Sin Manipulation: Her main reason to becoming Ghost Rider is to entirely wipe out sin. She can do a number of things from or with sin:

Sin Perception: In addition to reading the heart and souls of her victims, she can also tell and sense the sort of sins the individual has committed in the rest of their life.
Sin Eating: Also known as sin removal. She can absorb all known sins from the individual completely through spiritual means to the point where the being becomes emotionless.

Hellfire Manipulation: Also known as infernal pyrokinesis. Ghost Rider possesses the ability to generate, control, and project mystical fire, or “hellfire” at will. Hellfire is an ethereal and supernatural flame that burns the soul of a person and can be used to burn their physical body. She can utilize this fire in various ways:

Hellfire Infusion: Her ability to channel hellfire allows her to imbue objects and vehicles by choice.
Hellfire Projection: She can spew the fire from her eyes, mouth, hands and chest, including channeling the fire from her body into her weapons such as her scythe.
Hellfire Forgery: She is able to construct various things, such as walls, weapons (like her scythe), and her motorcycle.
Hellfire Attacks: In addition to projecting and infusing hellfire, she can perform a number of attacks. She can create hellfire balls, spew out a massive wave and unleash omnidirectional explosions that are incredibly powerful, capable of creating a large crater on the earth wiping a single state in a country and wiping out sin.

Biblical Representations: She can also create creatures found in biblical scriptures in the forms of a plague that helps her wipe out anything made of sin such as locust. These locust were dangerous that once they made contact, the insects will explode upon impact.[4]
Hellfire Removal: She can remove any hellfire based attack.

Hellfire Exoskeleton: She can also forge herself a demonic suit of armor capable of withstanding any supernatural attacks. This armor was completely made out of hellfire.

Soul Manipulation: Ghost Rider has the ability to manipulate souls, the incorporeal essence of a living thing. This more evident when she performs the Penance Stare. She can do various things with it:

Soul Reading: As stated above, she can read the souls of her victims and judge their innocence and guilt, their sins and identity.
Soul Consumption: She can consume souls if the individual is degenerate and heartless to an extent where the victim becomes lifeless.

Vortex Creation: Through the use of her hellfire, she can create portals that lead her places quicker than her bike.[12]
Electricity Generation: She can also generate a surge of electricity from the sky and utilize as a form of attack.[13]
Paranormal Weather Generation: Used only once, she was able to change weather patterns into a supernatural condition every time she travels.[2]
Mystical Chain Projection: Ghost Rider wields a mystical chain that is capable of growing in length, cutting through almost anything, and transforming it into weapons. She can also use the chains to strike penance on other individuals.

Scythe Projection: Another weapon Ghost Rider wields is a scythe capable of chopping of heads if the victim is deserving.

Enhanced Size: Ghost Rider demonstrated her ability to increase her size. This allows her to fight beings larger that the average human height.[12]

Size Alteration: In addition to alter her own size, she can alter the sizes of other objects. She was done this by forging a large bike.[5]

Penance Stare: Ghost Rider possesses the supernatural ability to cause any individual who stares into her eyes to see and feel every bit of pain they have ever inflicted on anyone in their entire lifetime for all eternity.

Strength level
As the Ghost Rider, Gillian a possesses sufficient superhuman strength to lift up to 5 tons.
Penance stare can’t effect victims if they are blind, on drugs, have no soul, or are currently bonded to a symbiote. Using the penance stare on anyone who is blind, on drugs, or have no soul will render him unconscious or in a death-like state. The same thing happens if she uses the penance stare on someone or something with more than two eyes. The penance stare also seems to have little effect on those who are mentally unstable.








Superhuman strength, agility, stamina, reflexes, speed, endurance and durability
Proficient in hand-to-hand combat skills
Highly experienced motorcyclist
Invulnerability to any kind of fire
Ability to project regular and ethereal flame
Ability to travel between interdimensional realms and along any surface
Penance Stare
Rides flaming motorcycle
Wields enchanted chain
Can conjure a bike using Hellfire
Wields shotgun that can produce Hellfire




Immense superhuman strength, stamina, agility, reflexes, endurance and durability
Enchanted hellfire chain, motorcycle, cars, swords, and shotgun
Invulnerability to fire, heat, lava and flames
Penance Stare
Accelerated healing factor
Ability to project regular/ethereal flame
Ability to travel between interdimensional realms and along any surface


Gillian consider herself a self-proclaimed Spirit of Vengeance.
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A supernatural and very versatile flame mostly associated with the Ghost Rider. This flame is known to burn the soul of its victims, but has been used to melt away the physical, and even heal the body of its host. Gillian particularly has used Hellfire to hit her victims with all the suffering they’ve given others in their lifetime, similar to a Penance Stare effect. She has also used Hellfire in conjunction with a bike handle to summon/construct a ride, summon/construct her signature Kama/scythe weapon as seen in , and manifest blazing chain links between two nunchucks.
While she does not generally use chains, on the occasion she does, the links appear to manifest completely out of constructed Hellfire. Once she is done with the chains purpose, they seemingly dissipate just as quickly in the same manner as her scythe, nunchucks, and bike. Like most, the chains she constructs follow her innate intentions as she wields them.
Gillian depends on the Spirit of Vengeance, to guide her through a series of Hellfire generated portals to the places on Earth most worthy of retribution, of vengeance.
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In a fit of rage, Gillian has summoned, held, and cast lightning from the sky.
Eight Plague
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A signature of both Alejandra and Gillian’s Ghost Rider, is the ability to conjure and project Hellfire imbued locusts from her gaped jaws. These locusts burn and consume all in their path.
The Ride
The Ghost Rider can possess any mode of transportation into her own personal ride, into the ride of the Ghost Rider. Whatever mode of transportation she possesses generally takes on an equally demonic appearance to her own and obeys her every whim.
Adam’s Empowerment
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While not a solitary ability, it should be noted that Gillian has accomplished massive feats with the aid of Adam, whom apparently has the ability to temporarily enhance Gillian’s power levels to a great degree. Under Adam’s empowerment, Gillian summoned a giant motorbike, and brought about such devastation, her actions were mistaken for a nuke, and burnt away the sin of an entire country north of Colombia. Most of the humans remained alive, but with the sin burnt from their souls, they were husks of their former selves . Adam was able to give Gillian enough power to fight Mephisto in his own realm and win, if but momentarily.




Powers and abilities

The Ghost Rider is a human who can transform into a skeletal superhuman wreathed in ethereal flame and given supernatural powers. The motorcycles he rides can travel faster than any conventional vehicle and can perform such seemingly impossible feats as riding up a vertical surface, across water surfaces and leaping across great distances that normal motorcycles cannot. The Ghost Riders are virtually indestructible and notoriously hard to injure by any conventional means, as bullets and knives usually pass through them without causing pain (knives are seen to melt while in their body).[5] It is possible that they are genuinely immortal, as it is said that God created them and only God can destroy them.[6]Despite being composed of bone and hellfire, the Ghost Riders possess formidable superhuman strength, enough to easily pick up a truck and hurl it across a road. It has been stated that Johnny Blaze as Ghost Rider can press around 25 tons (50,000  lbs) (or more as seen in World War Hulk).[7]

Each Ghost Rider entity also had abilities specific to him or her.


Carter Slade
Carter Slade is the first Ghost Rider to exist. He stole a list of millions of souls from the devil himself (aka Mephisto). Carter Slade also taught Johnny Blaze (the second and most powerful Ghost Rider) on how to control his powers and what it meant to be a Ghost Rider/

Johnny Blaze
Originally when Blaze transformed into Ghost Rider, his body changed but not the clothes he was wearing. In his new incarnation, this is different and his clothes take on a different appearance with a spiked leather jacket and chains. As Ghost Rider, he can cause his motorcycle to transform and surround itself with hellfire or he can create a new cycle from pure hellfire. He is also capable of projecting hellfire as a weapon. Hellfire “burns the soul” without leaving physical injuries on the victim and its effects have been seen as similar to the “Penance Stare.” In his new incarnation, Blaze is now possibly the most powerful hero on Earth. During “World War Hulk”, it was stated by Doctor Strange that Ghost Rider might be equally as powerful as the “Green Scar” persona of Hulk and could possibly defeat him. During this series, Dr. Strange states that Ghost Rider protects only the innocent, which none of the Illuminati are. In recent comics Blaze’s Ghost Rider has been given the “Penance Stare” and mystical chain, both of which were specific to the Danny Ketch Ghost Rider. Blaze also uses a shotgun and discovered that he can discharge Hellfire from the weapon when he first encountered Ketch. He also now has new abilities including hellfire breath and the ability to produce chains from either his throat or chest. He is also now able to travel between the incorporeal realms.

Danny Ketch
When Ketch transformed into Ghost Rider, his clothes changed with him, taking on the appearance of a spiked leather jacket with chains, gray leather pants and spiked gloves and boots. Likewise, his motorcycle underwent a radical transformation, changing from a conventional into a high-tech motorcycle (this transformation was not strictly limited to the motorcycle he found in the cemetery as he was once seen to be able to transform another cycle in “Ghost Rider/Wolverine/Punisher: Hearts of Darkness”). Along with flaming wheels that allow the bike to nearly fly across surfaces, the bike included a shield-like battering ram on the front. As the Ghost Rider, Ketch used a mystical chain which responded to his mental commands. It could grow in length, alter direction while in the air, stiffen into a staff or spear, and separate into several links which can strike like shrapnel and then return to their original form. Daniel’s most famous power was the Penance Stare. By locking eyes with a target and mentally focusing, the Danny Ketch Ghost Rider was able to make the target experience all the pain they had ever inflicted on anyone else. Some beings have shown resistance to this ability, such as Venom and Carnage as their alien symbiote“costumes” do not technically have eyes; and Madcap who is so masochistic he claims to enjoy the experience. In the 1994 Fantastic Four animated series, this ability was shown to be powerful enough to bring down the mighty Galactus, as Ghost Rider forced Galactus to feel the pain of all those who had died as a result of his feeding on their planets. As Ghost Rider put it “A billion souls”. This display of power, though, appeared to simply be a rewrite for the animated series, as the original storyline in Fantastic Four issue 243, has Doctor Strange casting a spell that causes all of the souls of those Galactus has killed by his feedings to be visited upon him, at once. Originally, this incarnation of the Ghost Rider could only be summoned if Danny was present when “innocent blood was spilled” (an innocent simply being threatened was not enough), at which time Danny had to touch the gas cap of his motorcycle for the transformation process to occur. Later, he was able to summon the Ghost Rider without touching the gas cap but still needed to wait for the innocent blood to be spilled. Later still, he was able to summon the Ghost Rider by willpower alone.

Robbie Reyes
The ghost of Eli Morrow that inhabits Robbie’s body is not, according to Johnny Blaze, a true Spirit of Vengeance. Regardless, he gives Robbie several abilities similar to that of other Ghost Riders, including the power to manifest and control chains ending in thin knives or sickles.[8] The black muscle car that Morrow’s ghost initially inhabits is linked to the Ghost Rider, allowing Robbie in his Ghost Rider form to instantly teleport to and/or merge with the car. The car can also be driven remotely, and Robbie’s Ghost Rider form can pass harmlessly through it, allowing it to drive into foes. The car’s trunk, when opened, acts as a portal, allowing the Ghost Rider to transport anything, including people, to any location. Though it is initially unknown if Robbie’s Ghost Rider form possesses the divine powers of his predecessors, he eventually displays the ability to use the Penance Stare during a battle with Star Brand[9] Eli is able to take full control of Robbie’s body when the teen gives in to his negative emotions, signified by a pallid skin tone and both of his eyes turning orange. His Ghost Rider form also displays the ability to change into a more powerful and demonic form when Robbie is sufficiently angered.

Powers & Weapons
It is heavily implied that all traditional Ghost Riders have the same well of powers, but it is the human host of the Ghost Rider that determines what their Ghost Rider can do. An example of this is stated in Ghost Rider #2 – Give Up the Ghost when Alejandra unleashes a swarm of Hellfire Locusts and Johnny asks why he could never do that, from which the Seeker replies; You could, Blaze. You just never thought of it. Since Zarathos has returned to Johnny Blaze, he still has not exhibited the ability to unleash Alejandra’s now trademark locusts.
A supernatural and very versatile fire always associated with the Ghost Rider. Hellfire has been known to sear the soul, burn the flesh, destroy physical objects, heal its host, create physical constructs, enhance the performance and destructive potential of weapons and rides alike, and change color; all at the will (intentional or unintentional) of its user.
Immunity to transformation
It is stated by The Skin-Bender, that because their bodies have already been changed with Hellfire, she cannot alter and perverse their physical forms, even while human (Ghost Rider #35 Trials And Tribulations).
While not all Ghost Riders use chains, mystical chains appear to be intimately involved with the Ghost Riders existence. A Ghost Rider’s chains usually follow the innate intentions of the Rider whom wields it with various results. Danny Ketch in particular appears far more skilled with his chains than other traditional Riders; capable of utilizing even the separate links of his chains in a variety of ways where other Ghost Riders have not displayed such control.
A Ghost Rider appears to have a baseline strength of 800lbs. to 25 tons, but has summoned greater strength in times of need or when the Spirit of Vengeance becomes unhinged, rivaling the likes of ThorHulk, and several other Avengers.
A Ghost Rider is impervious to conventional damage, but it can be hurt by any number of high powered objects such as Hulk-like strength, very advanced weaponry, Holy weapons, and Hellfire from another user. It is stated however, that a Ghost Rider cannot be destroyed except by the one true God (Ghost Riders: Heaven’s on Fire #6), this has been proven otherwise however, Danny discovering how to absorb other Spirits of Vengeance which kill the host but may somehow merge spirits into a greater spirit, and Holy weapons which have killed other Ghost Riders, but this may prove that the Host can die while the respective Spirit of Vengeance may be effectively immortal in some form or another.
The Ride
The Ghost Rider can possess any mode of transportation into its own personal ride, into the ride of the Ghost Rider. Whatever mode of transportation it possesses generally takes on an equally demonic appearance to its own and obeys the Ghost Rider’s every whim (Ghost Rider #8).
The Spirit of Vengeance has at times guided the Ghost Rider through a series of Hellfire generated portals to the places on Earth most deserving of vengeance (Ghost Rider #5).
In a fit of rage, Alejandra’s Ghost Rider has summoned, held, and cast lightning from the sky (Ghost Rider #6).
Hellfire Rain
Johnny has willingly unleashed the full power of the Spirit of Zarathos who caused Hellfire to rain from the sky and cleanse an entire village of its evil (Ghost Rider #35 – Trials And Tribulations, Part 3: Of Flesh And Fire).
Hellfire Explosion
Usually in fits of rage, Ghost Riders can enact massive Hellfire explosions of varying sizes and varying results. Such explosions have been know to either burn away sin, or burn the wicked (Ghost Rider #21 – Hell-Bent & Heaven-Bound, Part Two).
Danny Ketch discovered a dormant ability to the Ghost Rider, the ability to absorb other, weaker Spirits of Vengeance and add to his own Spirit’s power (Ghost Rider: Danny Ketch #3 – Addict Part Three: Pest Control), the process usually kills the human host.
The Penance Stare
Once the Ghost Rider locks eyes with its prey, it can enact the Penance Stare; a deep glare used to inflict upon its victims all the pain that victim has caused others in their entire lifetime, all at once. The Penance Stare can leave its victims in a temporary catatonic state, or destroy them depending on the will of the Ghost Rider and effect on the particular individual. The Penance Stare was first utilized by Danny Ketch, but later learned by Johnny Blaze.
The Pollution Stare
Kowalski’s Vengeance can enact the Pollution Stare; magnifying its victims’ corruption until it consumes them (Secret Avengers #21.1 – Red Light Nation).
The Eighth Plague
Alejandra’s Ghost Rider can conjure and project Hellfire imbued locusts from her gaped jaws. These locusts burn and consume all in their path (Ghost Rider #2Ghost Rider #3Ghost Rider #5Ghost Racers #3).


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