Senya Nyte

Who Am I...

I am Senya Nyte no more, no less.

Romantic Interests

Looking for the next page in the ever growing story of my life. Long term preferred. All welcome.

Relationship Status

Still I walk alone.

My Story Is...

A soft breeze rustles a few stray silken waves the color of pitch as burgundy eyes that almost seem to glow from within slowly scan her surroundings.

After a few moments there is a shift in ebon cloak as she begins to walk forward once again. Little can be seen save for a face the color of peach dusted alabaster. Crimson lips curl into a slightly smug smirk as age worn black boot’s carry her forward.

Seeing nothing of interest she says nothing as she passes through leaving nothing to mark her passing save for the scent of rose mated with heather that tantalizes and calls for you to follow and investigate further.

Will you heed its call?

My Appearance

She tops out at five feet eight inches.

Burgundy eyes that seem to glow with some inner light.

Lush crimson lips curled in a slightly smug smirk.

Pale peach dusted alabaster skin.

Raven waves taper off to pool just above the curve of her rear.

Clothes range in color but usually include:

Age worn leather boots that end slightly below the knee.

Form fitting pants that lace up the back

A loose fit poet shirt held tight to her curves by a front lacing bodice.

She will sometimes be seen in a cloak of various colors.

If you see her without her cloak she has ample curves in all the right places and toned everywhere else.

Little else gives a clue to who she is and where she came from but her story is yours to learn.


My Secrets Are...

My secrets are my own but get to know me and perhaps you might learn a few.

I Believe...

The path to redemption is a long and hard one. I still search for the end.