Sephiroth Crescent


SEPHIROTH by Steven-H-Garcia

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Who Am I...

Sephiroth Crescent the one winged angel

Romantic Interests

My heart and soul belong to Senseless Dreamer

Relationship Status

Married to Senseless Dreamer.

My Story Is...

Insane and bent on destruction. Was raised to be a soldier and the best of his class. Was once a hero before becoming insane due to finding out he was apart of one of Shin-ra Inc’s experiments. A project is known as the Jenova Project. He was the son of Lucretia Crescent and apparently the scientist Hojo, but more believe that Vincent Valentine is his true father. As Vincent and Lucretia loved each other.

As he was traveling the planet of Hellifyno, he met a beautiful white-haired wish demoness named Senseless Dreamer. There was something that just made his heart race. That he never felt before. He wanted nothing more than to protect her and to give her his heart and soul. He is happily married to Senseless Dreamer.

My Appearance

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Sephiroth and Senseless