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Danger’s Story
Danger’s life wasn’t an easy one. Since birth, it was as if the gods had abandoned her. She was born to one of the wealthiest mob bosses, although she was nothing more than a cog in the machine. Another gun hand. By the age of five, she could take apart just about any gun and put it back together. By the age of twelve, she would commit her first murder. At thirteen, she would find herself in an insane asylum…a year later, she would be in Germany, training under the watchful eyes of the famous Hanzel and Gretyl. It was there that she would learn how to hone her skills, and become what some would call a Hunter.
At the age of twenty, the woman would run her own mob in the streets of Berlin, going under the alias of “Engel”. Of course, that wouldn’t last long either, and soon enough there was a bounty on her head. She then would seek refuge on the planet Hellifyno.
On Hellifyno, she would start her humble beginnings as a mercenary. She had the skills for it, and it seemed like someone was always in need of a hired gun. Not long after, she would meet a man named Nick Hunt. He infatuated her immensely. Thus began their chaotic love affair.
As time would go on, Danger would become a demon vessel, harboring a succubus who went by the name of Corvi. Corvi would prove to be a menace, and Danger would seal her away, but still reap the benefits of the demon’s powers as well as her own minor powers.
She and Nick would rise to infamy as two of the most powerful drug lords Hellifyno had ever witnessed. The woman literally had the planet by the balls… But all good things must come to an end. In a matter of a year, she and Nick would get divorced… And not long after, Danger herself would be killed. A crime to never be solved.
Danger would then find herself in a “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” meets “Death Valley” kind of Hell, where the drugs were plentiful and the booze always free, but one would go on forever chasing the high to never quite catch it… And honestly, the wifi was crappy there, so Danger got bored. She would seek out Corvi once more, hoping that the demoness would be able to help her strike up a deal with Death and Satan in order to return to the land of the living.
Well, it worked, but with a price. For every day that she stayed in the world of the living, she would have to steal a soul to use as her own, as she had to give up her soul as compensation. Not that she cared, anyway. She would very easily find souls of the damned, and use them.
So here she was, back among the living, with absolutely nothing, save for an off planet bank account, and a nasty headache. Danger would start out as a stripper and Bartender, but as she grew used to stealing souls, she would find that her powers would return to her in small bursts, thus she would return to those years of training in the Black Forest, and finally find that she made one hell of a Hunter, and killing inhuman baddies was a helluva lot better than taking her clothes off for strangers…
Danger was in the battle of Age of Wonders. After she, along with many others overthrown the new gods, she was offered the chance of godhood. The woman gladly accepted. It was shortly after this that Mjolnir would come to her, deeming her worthy to be its new owner. It was then decided that Danger would become the new “Thor” so to speak, taking the now dead God’s place as the deity of Thunder and Storms.

Danger is around 5’6″ and lean in stature. She is covered with various tattoos that range in size and color. Her hair is a dark brown mess of waves, and hangs half way down her back. Her eyes are a stormy gray and have a mischievous glint to them. Her sense of fashion is usually thought of as tom-boyish or punk rock, as she loves wearing band t-shirts and flannel.

Danger is rather care-free and a natural flirt. She likes to be the life of the party, but don’t let that fool you. She can have a nasty temper, although she is slow to anger. At times she can be rather simple minded and stubborn. When she has her mind set on something, it’s hard to make her decide otherwise. Fiercely loyal to those she cares about, she will not hesitate to defend others even if they are sometimes in the wrong.

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