Danger Ranger

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Danger’s Story

Who Am I...

Hellifyno's Goddess of Thunder

Romantic Interests

I have my eye on someone.

Relationship Status

Currently dating Sam Winchester. Yes, THAT Winchester.

My Story Is...

Refer to the ‘Danger’s Story’ Link

My Appearance

I’m around 5’5″ or 5’6″. Lean stature. COVERED in tattoos. I usually wear whatever I want to, so that can vary from frilly dresses (A rare thing) to torn jeans and a band tshirt (Almost all the time). I have long dark brown hair and gray eyes. I always look like I am up to something. I dunno. Would you do me? I’d do me. I’d do me hard.


Usually? Well… -Empties out pockets.-

Bag of weed.

Flask of whiskey.

Storm Dancer (Weapon of choice.)

Baseball bat (Don’t ask how it fits and I don’t have to explain. It’s magic)

Some cash


A pink lighter

My Secrets Are...

It ain’t a secret if I tell ya, now is it?