Danger Ranger

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“Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.”

Danger Annalise Ranger

23 November, 1989


Hellifyno’s Goddess of Thunder

Relationship: Currently dating Sam Winchester

Personality: Danger is very straightforward and has an open personality. She’s known to be charismatic and favored by others for “being the life of the party.” She makes friends and foes alike very easily. Also known to be stubborn, has a bad temper, and at times can be rather simple minded.

Appearance: Danger is around 5’6″, and well endowed in the chest and derriere region. Almost all of her skin is tattooed, with the tattoos varying in shape, size and design. Her hair is brown, wavy, and reaches just past her shoulder blades. Her eyes are a bright gray. She’s known to wear whatever is clean or whatever she slept in, along with more tomboyish and punk appearal.


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Hellifyno's Goddess of Thunder