“O-Oh. Hello, tresspasser.”

“… you can stay if you’d like… but I can’t guarantee your very soul’s safety.”

Who Am I...

"huh? who am I? … I'm loosing recognition."

Romantic Interests

"ha! you really think a being like me will mix with someone that easily?"

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

“Tch- you want my story? fine, fine… ”

“Five years ago, I made the biggest mistake to visit my passed parents at their graves… They’d been killed by my very own hand… I-I never wanted it… but a voice… a voice told me to do it. I’d always heard these-sort of-haunting voices in my head… and they were never friendly. But.. after I got there, I sensed I wasn’t alone. It was like… a whole other being had taken over my body. I blacked out… and woke up… something else.”

“I’ve lived as I am, ever since.”

My Appearance

“ever seen a shadow before? take that, and its’ attributes… but only glowing white eyes, walking, talking, and breathing on its’ own.”

“I guess I also wear clothes just like you would… anything goes. I’m not that far from human. (mostly blacks, though.)”


“mmn-… I don’t think you’re going to find much.”

My Secrets Are...

For all we know, Vixin is the slave of a demon. though he never dares to admit it, his parents were not the only one’s killed by his hand. His younger sister remains the only one that can really turn him.

His appearance, stature wise, appears as any twenty year old boy’s would… yet if the host wills it… his looks can vary to the most horrifying images.

I Believe...

In trying to survive…