Vincent Spada


Elashada, or in more common tongues, Void dweller, are an extra dimensional race of elder beings that once inhabited the center realm of the Ethonian Multiverse. Each one born with exceptional physical abilities, longevity, and a grasp of the very same prime magic’s that created their multiverse to begin with.


The term Void Dweller, however, is not an accurate term. As the Elashada home world was once just as physical and tangible as any other. However, with their power the Elshada became greedy and materialistic, using their powers of creation to birth more and more matter and energy into existence until it imploded. Though they may still draw power from their home dimension at the heart of creation, it had been incredibly wounded and as such the Elashada now must strive to reach the levels of power that once came so easily to them.


Fleeing to other worlds within the Multiverse, to see a pure-blooded Eleshada is a rare thing. Hunted out of existence and bread into the natural populist, there are few enclaves left that boast a pureblood population above 10 and even less that are old enough to remember their home dimension.


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Who Am I...

Last Son of House Spada

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Last son of the Noble House of Spada, Vincent was only a small child when his homeworld collapsed. Since then he has wandered the multiverse, looking for a place in which he can set roots and once more grow his Nobke Family’s influence upon the mortal populace that they once helped shape and guide.


As a changeling caste Elashada, Vincent possesses the natural ability to change the composition and shape of matter and energy within three meters of himself to something completely different. Turning steel into foam, lead into gold, kinetic energy into thermal, so on and so forth. Though this is not an all powerful art, at the moment, due to the complexity of biological machines, he is unable to effect the matter of living biological substances as well as Synthisize complex machinery. However, he can affect the energy output of biological individuals. Affecting the transference of potential energy into kinetic, changing the composition of spells as they reach his field of influence, and even stopping organs from working properly momentarily

My Appearance

Vincent stands at six foot with pale skin and crystalline white hair that reflects the light around it, giving it an almost random sheen. Violet eyes, as the trademark of the Elashada, rest firmly within his skull. He is of a strong athletic build with slim frame. However, his physical form is mostly hidden under the ornate white robes that he wears.


Straight sword: composed of Elashada steel. Able to redirect most energy based attacks and absorb kinetic damage allowing for flawless blocks and parry’s in the right hands. Its edge sharp enough to divide steel. When not in use, takes the form of a ring on his right ring finger


Signet Ring: Given to him upon the Death of his father, It marks him as the heir and patriarch of House Spada. However, Vincent has refused to take up the mantle and tradition until such a time as he has reached true patriarch levels.


Void Ship: A large airship with the capability of traversing the multiverse. Large cannons and defense guns adorn its sides. However, without a full and proper crew to pilot it, the only things active are its engines, shields, and teleporter. As such, for now, it is used almost purely as a base of operations and fortress for the young nobleman

I Believe...

That in the end, life becomes you.