Who Am I...

Shade Caomhnóir

My Story Is...

It is unknown how or why Shade came to be, even to himself. He has been around for millions of years, and been called many things, ‘Demon’ being the most common. But all of their accusations were false. Shade is actually the first Phoenix to exist. Because he was the first, he is able to switch between two forms; The Phoenix, being a bit bigger than a bald eagle, and a form almost indistinguishable from that of a human, but with concealable wings (see details below). He often avoids avoids people, knowing their greed or discust will end up harming him sooner or later. But to those with ill will towards him, beware the beast that lurks within.

My Appearance

Human(ish) Form:

Looks to be in his mid twenties.

A red hoodie, usually with the hood up.

Dark, baggy work jeans.

A worn pair of black leather work boots, with steel plates bolted on the back of the heel and over the toes.

Dark brown hair.

Pale green eyes with blue highlights, and a golden ring around the pupils.

A brown leather belt, with a silver chain from above his front right pocket to his back right pocket.

If revealed, dark red wings, with eternal embers at the tips of the feathers. The embers do no harm, nor do they progress. Wingspan measures roughly 17 feet, tip-to-tip and fully extended.

Phoenix Form:

A bit larger than a bald eagle

Dark red feathers, all with the ember effect.

Pale green eyes with blue highlights and a golden ring around the pupils.


Ever since Shade was first came into existence, he always had the ability to produce and controll fire, eventually mastering the skill to the point of being able to alter the aspects of the flames themselves. Along the countless adventures he had throughout his lifetime, he was able to gain controll of the other three core elements; water, earth, and air. His controll of those three never rose to the same level of his flames, but that was no issue. When Shade dies, he is resurrected by a special flame that burns around the wounds, healing them and ultimately restoring him to his top physical shape without damaging any clothing/items on his person or his surroundings. His darker side can allow him to enter the subconscious of others and alter their dreams and/or nightmares.

My Secrets Are...

Those who are willing will come to know in time.