Amorphous: Are powerful beings able to turn into anything and one and gain its or their abilities, they can even combine multiple races and things at once, making them nearly impossible to kill. But this is all at the cost of their true identity, because of that they are identified as genderless. Most tend to keep quiet about what they really are so how many of them are unknown. It’s said that the only way to identify one, is if reveals itself to you.

Who Am I...

I'm an Amorphous who goes by the name 01, and I'm a being in which can gain the ability of anything I so desire and turn into whatever I please. Don't fret however, I prefer peace over violence.

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

I was not born in this world or any other world for that matter. I have no known family or true friends at the time and have wondered throughout the different dimensions throughout the years.

My Appearance

Anything I so desire, I come in many different forms and choose not to stay in one for long, however, you will find me often as a female humanoid with short pink hair accompanied by one pair of nearly glowing pink eyes, with a pair of horns on each side because why not.


No Items Needed

My Secrets Are...

Nothing you should concern yourself with

I Believe...

In Breakfast Burritos Day and Night