Who Am I...

A freak, a monster

My Story Is...

Born between races, gifted with magic, she was left as an orphan.

She could always be seen with her hair in a tight ponytail, wearing a black crop top, black trousers and black gloves. She wore a flat shoe for ease in her movements. She rarely speaks of her past. She is talented in magic, her mother and father were of different races but it never stopped them loving her, she has very little memories of her family.

My Appearance

Long flowing snow-white hair, with mismatched eyes, one silver in colour going through her right silver eye was a scar. Her other eye was a soft green almost like a newly found emerald.
She was littered in scars, from abuse at the orphanage and from being attacked. Her hair often kept taught in a ponytail. She has been known to dye her hair a soft auburn colour

My Secrets Are...

My secrets stay secret in fear I may end up hurting someone

I Believe...

in nothing anymore