Who Am I...

The pirate captain of the ship named the Seas Crown

Romantic Interests

If Shanks was to fall in love he would want a female that loves him for him and always smiles that can say one word that can inspire a million hearts

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Shanks went through his childhood not knowing anything about who his mom or dad was but this never pained him because he always had a lucky go happy personality he wanted to help people who were treated poorly no matter what happens to him so at the young age of sixteen he joined with a crew of pirates that were known for there generosity he soon became a master with a blade at the age of twenty-two he left to find his own crew at the age of twenty-six he lost his right arm but when he lost his arm something awaken in him his power skyrocketed and he was soon recognized as a Rikazer (it is a title given when you are a mortal that is stronger than a God) he is now thirty four

My Appearance

A white puffed sleeve shirt lose brown trousers black wooden sandals a green cloak and a lose black belt he keeps his cutlass on his right side


A pirate cutlass and a single shot hand held  musket

I Believe...

That a life without rum is a sad life indeed but a life where there is no seas is a life that is not worth living