Lola&kyra The LordSeeker's


(I like throwing npc’s at us too give us something too do)

(also don’t give up on a fight. Fight smart and you will find a way)

Lola is naive and stubborn too a fault

Kyra is ditzy but has a mean streak too her if she see’s you as inadequate (which is everyone)

Both live by the lordkeeper throne


Will always have a more sadistic or and zealous attitude and speak in third person

Who Am I...

Lola and kyra the lordseeker's, those tasked with finding worthy "lords"

Romantic Interests

My lord, whomever he or she may be, (pm's only anywhere else no)

Relationship Status

Searching always…

My Story Is...

Long ago the primodial’s ruled existence with ferocious cruelty and meditated chaos, however they are no more,  only shadows scraps remain One thing that remains are the LordSeeker’s


Something of an artifact from the primodial’s she was born too seek out the most powerful warriors and either kill them if deemed unworthy or make them loyal servants of her creators Bestowing great and terrible power. However the primodials are no more and she is left without direction only now after a long wait she was given the order too find a new lord for the prinodial’s will require a sufficient puppet


Awakened by grave robbers defiling her tomb kyra has set out too find a true lord, like a storm she reshapes the reality around

Events I try too make unfold in a rp

1, Seeking a lord

Lola isn’t actively seeking a “lord” but if she is sought our for it she cannot deny the request for the ritual too commence,  paths this can go down are (these are broad ideas on how these can go,  anything can change and diverge this)

A: she is forced too declare you her lord,  by defeat before or after the ritual is begun (depends on how evil you are)

B: cohersed into naming you her lord,  either threw becoming friends with Lola or romantic interest in you she will hold back greatly during the ritual (she wouldn’t want too kill a friend or lover would you? )

C: you go unannointed but either threw kindness or a sense of protection you help her

D: another candidate for lordship has taken her from under your nose (a bad end)

2: challenged for lordship

Several will set out too claim the lordseeker for themselves or they’re respective rulers

A: Blade of the purist blood Gerret. A noble knight who has set forth too prove a princess’s claim too the throne (a nice enough chap, can be talked out of his pursuit and even become an ally)

B: The Flame conqueror, a warlord who burns his opposition alive and is known for his cruelty (now here’s a bad guy)

C: Prince of the Southern kingdom, a proud and noble warrior who wishes too restore his kingdom too it’s former glory (sometimes too save lives you have too commit evil)


3: The keeper awakens

Tales have spread of the lord seeker and her companion, and where there are tales dreams,  and when dreams spread the keeper comes too restore

A: the keeper defeats the “lord” and reclaims Lola and returns her too her crypt

B: The keeper is defeated by the “lord” and is forced too retreat, in his retreat he takes Lola with him and takes her back in her crypt

4: kyra joins the fight

Either moved by the tales you have about your time with Lola or forced threw another ritual for her mantle of lordship,  just will help save lola


5: rescue lola

With the aid of previously made allies and with the assistance of kyra the lord must break into the crypt and reclaim Lola before she is “restored” too her former self and wiped clean

A: Lola is saved by the lord and the keeper is slain

B: Lola is restored too her true form and is now a unkempt monster

My Appearance

Their form changes with how much power they are using


She is a wolf neko in base form, wearing old tattered robes with golden etching jewelry and shackles attached too her ankles and wrists

Age: appears around 16

Height: 5’2

Hair: blue

Eyes: amber

Traits: she has the ears and tail of a wolf,  and when threatened her arms and legs grow fur and claws

Bust: C


LordBeast: her body becomes covered in black fur, she gets taller with a more mature body appearing around 20, and reality burning fire cloaks her

Primodial: she takes her true form as a primordial twisting reality with ease (this is the bad end and thus only happens at the end of a rp)


A tall curvaceous women with long red hair, she has the ears and tail of a cat

Age: appears around 20

Height: 5’7

Hair: red

Eyes: maroon

Traits: cat ears and tail

Bust: D



Besides her clothing she has a bag of “trinkets” she collects on her travels


Original flame: channeling the flames she was birthed from she is able too create an atomizing flame, starting as small sparks she can quickly channel the flames into different uses,  compressing them into bombs, using them for cover,  and just burning things (isn’t true fire. It’s actually exciting the particles and atoms and quickly tearing them apart this process creates this unique “flame”) (all of these techniques save for increasing her own body temperature requires concentration, but making yourself hotter is all a matter if exercising or getting angry, )

Tarasque biology: due too her primordial nature she can withstand immense blows that should otherwise leave a girl of her stature dead and adapt too live comfortably in any environment or counter elements and even petrify too survive eons before regenerating

Devourors hunger: as she takes damage the rage of her true self boils underneath augmenaung her power furffur and giving her an immense hunger for flesh living or dead and heal by consuming

Aboleth brain:, Lola is smarter than she seems much so,  she lacks most social cues and norms,  attempting too enter her mind can lead too harm too the trespassers and attempts too threaten or scare her tend too fail (a desire not too feels pain, die or lose ones possessions isn’t fear its common sense)


I Believe...

That my creators will return