Felicity Swordseeker

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Felicity SwordSeeker

SoulCalibur rp’er,  but I am willing to leave that universe for an rp,  hmu

I’m back!  <3

Who Am I...

The daughter of azwell magnus, the savior of humanity

Romantic Interests

Tough guys

Relationship Status

Yet too find a lover

My Story Is...

Felicity  SwordSeeker

Felicity was born in a villa on the outskirts of Rome in 1567 and spent Her adolescent life studying under her father’s guidance in London , taught the importance of martial philosophy and theory by her father she was the apple of his eye the fitting heir to the eventual leader of humanity ‘azwell”, in 1581 Felicity vanished not to be seen until their years later in 1583 when the “evil seed” erupted all across Europe spreading malfeasance throughout India Asia and the British empire

In 1583 Felicity awoke adrift in the astral chaos a voice beconing her to remember herself, following the sound she awoke in  a large forest at night, confused and scared she looked around in a panic only meeting eyes with a tall man in white robes wielding a scythe,  the man known as “zasalamel” explained that her soul was damaged and out of balance, giving Felicity the “Libra of soul” a set of scales for measuring ones soul and gave her an ultimatum. Absorb the power of the astral chaos or fade from existencethrew,  she also lacks the last two years of memory

(rp start! )


(things I reference in rp)

The evil seed: an eruption of negative energy sending ripples through time and space,  those directly effected go into a bloodthirsty rampage

Aval: basically medieval M’I’B but focused on the eradication of violent outsiders and malfested

Robed man:, he is zasalamel a reoccurring character in both the rp and soul calibur games

Qualifiers : the splinter faction of Aval lead by azwell, they are humanity first at the expense of non humans,  azwell also performs cruel experiments too “evolve” humans through malfeasance

Malfested: those inflicted by the evil seed or close proximity of a piece of soul edge or astral fissure, corrupt and brutal they are no longer human,  but a malicious perversion of one

Astral fissures : Felicity must seek these out too survive, two way gates too the astral chaos. Spreading malfeasance and it’s “unique” inhabitants

Astral chaos: the origin of soul edge,  the prison of the hero king Algol. And the war zone between the cursed and spirit swords,  it’s inhabited by malfeasted lost souls that become parodies of angels and devils, the twin embodiments “inferno” and “Elysium”

Cursed and spirit swords: the cursed blade is known by many names “ruiner” “the heroes sword” and “soul edge”. The spirit swords similarly is known by other names. “Excalibur” “lightbringer” and “soul calibur”

My Appearance

Standing roughly 5’1 and nicely curved,  she has long black hair and amber eyes,  a scar over her right eye rendering it blind. Black markings run up her back and arms an extension of the bipolar augments

Height : 5’1

Weight: 110 pounds

Hair: grayish black

Eyes: amber blind in right eye

Bust: C

Age: 18

Outfits : just ask for a pic but here’s a little list

Magnus family armor: blue steel armor forges with aesthetic’s in mmin

Personality: a tough girl with noble intention, raised in aristocracy she carries herself like one

Romantic interest: strong and dominant individuals tend too catch felicity’s eye


Gear: spare clothes,  a tent, food (jerky and other long lasting foods/drink),


Martial philosophy: instead of brute force felicity learned learned Her fathers method of manipulating a opponent creating openings and using techniques and strategy as opposed to raw strength which she lacks

Martial theory: studies into magic’s and technology reveal ways to incorporate such things into a effective fighting style

Known styles:

Battle performance: without weapons felicity is nearly outmatched in all ways save for wit,  through creative use of dodging to stunt on a foe,  hurting they’re ego more than they’re body

Theatre Duelist: brandishing one or two felicity’s attack’s are artful and precise

Lone Wolf: Felicity stands Her ground brandishing a spear and sword, precise punishing jabs from the spear followed by ruthless cuts from the blade


Bipolar augmention: the twin forces of the astral chaos have changed her and damaged Her, but as a biproduct she is now capable of calling upon they’re powers to manifest weapons and armor

Bipolar manifestation:felicity through both the absorption of astral fissures and those she meets gives her new manifestations

Bipolar inferno: calling upon “souledge” might to slaughter Her foes,  Felicity is powered by anger and pain, manifesting jagged demonic Crystaline weapons

Bipolar Elysium: channeling the power of “soulcalibur” Felicity becomes powered by elation and dispair, manifesting ornate crystalline angelic weapons


Sword: a manifestation of sword,  in inferno it takes the form of a grim broadsword,  in Elysium the blade is a shortsword

Duality daggers: a manifestation of two daggers,one  of both polarities balancing good and evil

Spear: a manifestation of a long spear/polarm, when manifested in inferno the spear is a trident, while in Elysium it takes an ornate javalin in appearance

Shield: a manifestation of a shield that instinctively protects Her from harm and even becoming a mode of transportation:in inferno the shield is a small buckler with an almost claw like design used for parrying blows,  in Elysium it take a large round shape and large enough to ride

(she will gain more through her experiences with others,  the first few manifestations develop early in the rp but she doesn’t start with them)


I Believe...

In my father's goals



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