Zoey Clark Rebecca


“aim for the head..”

Who Am I...

A shark wolf hybrid/mercenary/ sniper

Romantic Interests

Well I'm not long as they love me dearly

My Story Is...

Zoey was born in Chicago and at age 11 she was responsible for her younger siblings and was the only one who was the oldest out of them.her brothers and sisters saw her as a mother who was strict but fair…she is protective of her family and will not hesitate to kill anyone who harms her family and anyone she loves..

My Appearance

She’s a grey furred/skinned female shark wolf hybrid with yellow eyes and wears tactical gear and equipment and grey pants and a hoodie with black gloves and boots


Semi auto Sniper rifle
Serrated knife
Medical supplies
Old military assault rifle with extended magazine and scope
12 gauge 8 shot shotgun revolver with bayonet
Scavenged mp40
Girly magazines.. don’t ask
Old grenade launcher with a bayonet and scope

My Secrets Are...

She has the ability to heal from any wound and has a high endurance and strength to rip a heavily armored soldier with ease and traverse rough terrain with ease..

I Believe...

In family