Pacific Bull


Don’t come near unless you’re ok with losing a limb.

Romantic Interests

Lesbian fuck it

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

My dad was a scientist and I his creation, he wanted to create a society on Earth where humans will be equal. He was creating Humanoids from animals, my mother was a bull shark, and through years of research, trial and error on insects, and eventually he was successful and created tiny mice people, I liked them the most, they were all such happy liveley things. Mammals were easy at that point fish were harder, father said it took 3 years before he could complete my gene sets. But I am now a successful hybrid! But the U.S. government didn’t see what my father was doing as a good thing, and they gunned him down calling him a terrorist and everyone, all 7543 were taken prisoner… A rift opened and they were fascinate by it, and of course we had to be the test subjects. An explosion happened, the mice were the cause, and in the thick of the explosion. They were smart and respected are father’s wishes and we all ran, several other explosions happened and I was blown into the rift. The rift was to Hellifyno and I thankfully landed in pond, the rift closed after I passed through as if it was fate that brought me here. I was covered in terrible burn marks, even with my strong shark skin. Here my journey begins.

My Appearance

Age: 23

Height: 6’7

Length: 9 feet of muscular great white tail.

Head: I have blue, and skyblue hair. Dark blue eyes, shark snout, great white teeth, a human tongue, and elf like ears for hearing on land.

Body: a 9 foot great white tail, a dorsal fin on my back, and a smaller one on my tail, two hind fins, and weird claws for nails.

Clothing: a pair of black bikini bottoms under denim short shorts and a belt with a belt saying “LOVE BITES” all around it.


A Glock and a military knife

My Secrets Are...

Don’t lye me on my back, I can’t explain what happens but it calms me down and I don’t remember what happens.