Lord Shaxx/Advocate Of The Abominations/Leader Of the Crucible

Intro Video

Who Am I...

Lord Shaxx leader of the crucible arenas

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Engaged to: Tris

My Story Is...

Shaxx was a hero of the Battle of Twilight Gap and led a counterattack against the Fallen that pushed them from The City’s walls. He is a close friend of Lord Iron whom he fought beside during the battle.

Shaxx now serves as the head of the Crucible and one of the commanders of the City’s forces. At one point, executives from Tex Mechanica tried to bribe Shaxx into rigging Crucible matches in order to make their weapons look good. Shaxx refused, referring to their equipment as “junk.”

My Appearance


Sword of flames, Thousands of guns

My Secrets Are...

-secretly brother to Chloe price-

I Believe...

“It's competition. It's the Crucible way."