Shuhei Hisagi

Who Am I...

I am one of the two Lieutenant's of Squad nine Shuhei Hisagi is my name!

Romantic Interests

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Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Sh?hei Hisagi is a Soul or Spirit if you will, his birthday is August 14th, if you can’t tell he’s obviously a Male, he stands quite tall at 181 cm (5’11½) and weighs 67 kg (148 lbs), like almost all other Soul Reapers he affiliates himself with the Gotei 13, Soul Society and his job is as a Shinigami which in Bleach is almost like a Mercenary but only for the Soul Society members specifically those of higher ranks then the specfic person your talking about for example in Sh?hei’s case it would be he mainly follows the orders of the Captains, he is one of the Co-Lieutenants of the 9th Division, the other Co-Leader for his Division is Mashiro Kuna and there leader is Kensei Muguruma, Kaname T?sen being Sh?hei’s previous leader. He went to school at Shin’? Academy. His Zanpakut? is called Kazeshini.

I Believe...

He who fears not the blade he wields has no right to wield that blade.