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I am Shinji Nest and i am Trans

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Shinji Nest

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Shinji is a young girl, she’s very chaotic and playful she loves to be around people when she’s not upset and she loves to make new friends that she’s quite shy she has a lot of family issues that she usually doesn’t like to speak about so she has two people in her life that she really trusts and will do anything for this to mean the world to her and if anything happens to them she will practically die she also really cares for her family if anybody hurts her family she’ll kill people she loves to be around her family and talk to them that she does hide how she feels she usually doesn’t like to speak about her feelings she usually keeps them hidden instead of talk. Shinji is smart she really loves to do gym….Shinji is now married to the love of her life Essie Nest, she has 5 beautiful children who are Onaji, Seikatsu, Flint, and Jazz and Gracia Nest. She loves her family so so much she would die for them…

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Everyone can be a hero if they try