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“Embitted by decades of hatred towards humanity and the loss of his own wife at their hands, the Sangheili warrior wanted revenge.”
— Curator on Jul ‘Mdama

Who Am I...

Jul 'Mdama (formerly 'Mdamaee), known to his followers as the "Didact's Hand" or the "Hand of the Didact", was a Sangheili shipmaster previously in the service of the Covenant during its war against humanity. Fueled by hatred for humanity after the death of his wife, 'Mdama became the supreme leader of a resurgent Covenant faction in the wake of the Great Schism. Despite years of eluding the public light, his activities on the shield world Requiem established him as a highly valued target for the United Nations Space Command. Because of this, Spartan-IVs trained against a simulated version of him in Warzone.

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My Story Is...

Jul was born on March 5, 2489, in the state of Mdama on Sanghelios. Years later he would marry Raia ‘Mdama, with whom he had two sons, Dural and Asum. At some point he became the elder of Bekan keep in Mdama. During the last third of the Human-Covenant War he served in the Covenant military under the name ‘Mdamaee as the shipmaster of a Covenant ORS-class heavy cruiser, the Blight of the Profane. While he was away he left the management of his ancestral estate of Bekan keep to Raia and her grandbrother, Naxan.After the war ‘Mdama still felt mistrust and resentment toward humanity, comparing them to the Flood in some respects, believing the species would not stop their colonization efforts. He did, however, grudgingly admit that while they were not the best at anything, they were good enough at everything to survive. In January 2553 he attended a meeting with Kaidon Levu ‘Mdama and Arbiter Thel ‘Vadam.He asked the Arbiter what his plans were for the humans and expressed his desire to finish them off while they were still recovering. After ‘Vadam announced he would try to make peace with the humans, Jul and his fellow shipmaster Forze ‘Mdama decided that humanity would not change and that they must be stopped. Jul later met with Levu in private. Although the kaidon disliked humanity and believed they were a threat to the Sangheili, Levu did not believe that the Sangheili had the capability to wipe out the entire species and that peace was currently a better option. After contacting Sanghelios and learning of his wife’s death, Jul was enraged by humanity’s responsibility and grieved by the Forerunner ruins he had arrived in. He eventually identified the markings on the ruins as coordinates to Requiem and convinced the inhabitants of Hesduros to aid him in his search for the Didact and the eradication of humanity. Jul began to assemble a large fleet for his new faction, with the CAS-class assault carrier Song of Retribution serving as his flagship. It was here that Jul would establish a new faction, giving it the same name as the original Covenant. Mdama and his followers arrived at Requiem in 2554. Over the next three years his Covenant tried to enter the planet, but to no avail. In July 2557, several of his ships identified a human vessel, UNSC Forward Unto Dawn, drifting toward the planet. ‘Mdama ordered his troops to board the ship and keep the humans away from Requiem. They were unsuccessful as the human and Covenant ships in the area were pulled inside Requiem’s outer shell. Jul and his forces were eventually able to find their way to the core, where the Didact’s Cryptum was located. Jul landed near the Didact’s Cryptum and personally engaged Promethean forces under the Librarian’s control. Spartan John-117 unknowingly opened the Cryptum, releasing the Didact. ‘Mdama and his forces stopped fighting immediately to bow to the Promethean; Jul quickly recognized the Forerunner and called out his name. His Covenant later engaged the crew of UNSC Infinity after the ship’s arrival and eventually followed the Didact to ONI’s Ivanoff Station. In February 2558, ‘Mdama continued to lead the Covenant forces on Requiem, and due to his earlier alliance with the Ur-Didact, maintained some control of the Promethean Knights on the shield world. With his forces engaged in multiple conflicts, ‘Mdama leaked his plans for Requiem to human intelligence services, planning to draw the UNSC into a war of attrition. Not only would this allow him to cement his control of the Covenant but also sacrifice those forces he did not feel were entirely loyal. ONI took the bait, with the UNSC Infinity arriving in February 2558. A Forerunner artifact secured by Spartan Fireteam Crimson and brought aboard Infinity transported Doctor Henry Glassman to a Covenant base on the planet. ‘Mdama came to oversee his soldiers when Glassman, alive but injured, was brought before him by several other Sangheili. ‘Mdama put Glassman to work at a Forerunner “shrine”, which he correctly believed contained the remnants of the Librarian’s consciousness in AI form. He intended to use Glassman to reactivate the shrine, allowing him to communicate with the Librarian and ask for her aid in reclaiming the Forerunners’ technological wonders. After Fireteam Castle were killed by Covenant forces the UNSC began searching for ‘Mdama, now know by the epithet “the Didact’s Hand”. Fireteam Crimson was sent to ‘Mdama’s location, Two Giants; however, soon after Crimson engaged Promethean forces ‘Mdama escaped through a slipspace portal. When Crimson followed him to the Fortress, he escaped through yet another portal to the Cauldron. When Crimson tracked ‘Mdama through the Cauldron he tried to escape again, but not before Commander Sarah Palmer called in an airstrike on ‘Mdama’s location. He managed to escape, but not before dropping another Forerunner device.[31] ‘Mdama oversaw the Covenant’s attempt to retrieve the device from Galileo Base with his lieutenant, Gek ‘Lhar, but was only creating a diversion for the humans. ‘Mdama was actually using the artifact recovered by Fireteam Crimson as a communication terminal, allowing Jul to anonymously communicate with Dr. Catherine Halsey via her datapad and to spy on Infinity. After Halsey was removed from the room by Commander Palmer and Captain Lasky, Glassman managed to activate something in the shrine, prompting all the present Sangheili (save him) to bow before the artifact. With his captors distracted, Glassman escaped from the antechamber. After the artifact’s energy sphere rejected Jul, the Sangheili commander directed his fury at the now-missing Glassman; six Sangheili pursued the scientist in the tunnels but Jul held Gek back. Stating that Glassman’s escape was unacceptable, Gek reassured Jul that he would deal with the matter personally, leaving Jul and his two guards alone with the artifact. Some time later Dr. Halsey contacted ‘Mdama, informing him that she had deduced he was her helper but that their alliance could free the Librarian. However, the ship’s AI, Roland, was able to recover from Halsey’s subterfuge and cut off the connection. After this ‘Mdama ordered the Covenant and Prometheans to board Infinity through the artifact to capture Dr. Halsey. Despite significant losses the Prometheans managed to capture the doctor. She was then taken to “Librarian’s Rest”, where ‘Mdama had her disable the shield previously erected by Doctor Glassman’s attempts to access the shrine. As the shield deactivated she quickly entered the beam of light being produced by the shrine; she vanished, to ‘Mdama’s great anger.

When Halsey returned from the shrine she was clutching the Librarian’s “gift”: the Janus Key. She flew out right into ‘Mdama’s arm; he immediately grabbed half the half of the Key he saw her holding. Thinking that it was actually the whole device, ‘Mdama seemed disappointed and frustrated that the gift he had sought at great length was nothing more than a useless artifact. At that moment, however, Spartan Fireteam Majestic infiltrated Copernicus Base and killed ‘Mdama’s guards, with Halsey quickly tossing to Thorne her half of the Key, leaving ‘Mdama with only his stolen half. ‘Mdama quickly summoned several Promethean Knights to protect him, just as Spartan Palmer arrived with orders to kill Doctor Halsey. She shot Halsey in the shoulder, wounding her, before ‘Mdama managed to grab Halsey and summon another Knight to teleport him and Halsey away. Following this, ‘Mdama put Requiem on a collision course with its star and announced that any Covenant who did not flee the planet would die with it.

After fleeing Requiem aboard Song of Retribution, Jul learned of the Janus Key’s nature — specifically that the UNSC had the other half. He confronted Halsey over her betrayal, saying he should have let her bleed to death from her injury. Halsey retorted that the UNSC had tried to kill her and that he would need to offer her more than threats if he wanted her to help him. ‘Mdama asked her what she wanted, to which Halsey replied that she wanted revenge.

My Appearance

239.9 centimetres (7 ft 10.4 in)
327 pounds (148 kg)Male
239.9 centimetres (7 ft 10.4 in)
327 pounds (148 kg)
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A whole fleet of ships and over a hundred million Covenant soldiers, all battle ready. Sangheili armor. Plasma rifle. Plasma grenades. Energy Sword. Zelot Helmet. Personal Ship: The Song of Retribution.

My Secrets Are...

Those who walk the divine path have none.

I Believe...

“We fight one another now, but we should be fighting the true enemy. Humans.”