“The truth is harsh.” Anubis said. “Spirits come to the Hall of Judgement all the time, and they cannot let go of their lies. They deny their faults, their true feelings, their mistakes…….right up until Ammit devours their souls for eternity. It takes strength and courage to admit the truth.” ~ Rick Riordan


Anubites are the children of Anubis, shaped in their father’s likeness. Some are born as jackals or Egyptian Pharoah hounds, others have the ability, the curse, of taking a human’s shape. They are their father’s warriors and priests, his acolytes and fodder. When all comes to an end, they will be the ones riding into war with the living.


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Shyutibi, the son of Anubis

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The Ancient Egyptian word for dog was “Iwiw”, which referred to the dog’s bark. They served a role in hunting, as guard, and as police dogs, both in military actions and as household pets. They are well known to us from Egpytian paintings but their breed is still difficult to discern completely.