Sidiq Sama


“I am gay, fully gay sorry boys. And am only looking for a fellow reptilian female. Sorry all!” – Sidiq Sama

Who Am I...

Sidiq Genevieve Sama

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

Born in the Hellifnyo Desert, Sidiq was a royal of her kind. The North Hellifnyian Huma-Rattlesnakes. Due to her gayness, she was banished from her home as it wouldn’t ‘produce proper heirs’. She is currently looking for a partner.

My Appearance

A gorgeous woman of tan skin, black hair, emerald green eyes and a petite figure. Her hair is in that of a long braid that extends about three feet. She wears a Phoenix feather in her hair almost always. Her lower torso is that of a brown rattlesnakes tail. Her tail is around 45 feet long.

My Secrets Are...

Wouldn’t be secrets if shared right?

I Believe...

I will find the perfect, most loving and caring mate.