Adam Sieghart


The Fiery Knight

Name: Adam Sieghart
Age: 23
Occupation: Wandering Knight
Natural Magical Affinity: Fire

Weapon: Great Sword

Who Am I...

Time for the story to change, don't ya think?

Romantic Interests

Ausaka Highwind (Saka Sieghart now)

Relationship Status

Happy with my dragoon and kids.

My Story Is...

Adam is a young knight who is attempting to discover something worth his time. At the age of 16, he died and was reborn as a transcendent being. Although, he is still mortal, he has access to god-like energy and abilities beyond mortal understanding. Some would find this an amazing gift, but for Adam, it is more of a burden. The new powers came with a price. That price was his emotions. He still feels, but the world has become more bleak to him. Nothing interests him anymore like it did before he became what he is now. For this reason, he has left his home traveling to different lands, worlds, and even dimensions to find something of interest.


Thanks to events, including marrying his beloved, Ausaka Highwind (Sieghart), Adam has become whole once again embracing his emotions and living a less eventful but fulfilling life. He enjoys being a father and spending time with his family, though with the return of his emotions, he tends to get into random events. Beware, for he’s back to his old hotheaded self. Getting on his bad side is not smart. Threatening his family is definitely not smart.


Children: Ryoko Sieghart, Solace Sieghart, and Aj Sieghart

My Appearance

Weight/Height: 181 pounds/ 5 feet 8 inches


Hair/Eye Color: White hair that falls down his back/Dark red eyes that have a golden hue whenever he uses his transcendent powers.


Physique: Adam is well built with lean muscle mass from countless hours of training. His body does have minor scars that aren’t really noticeable. Any major scar was healed by magic leaving no scar behind.


Armor/Clothing: Adam tends to stray from wearing anything too formal. Normally, he just wears a black muscle T with red designs and black pants. He covers himself with a grey cloak. The only armor he wears is on his lower body. Leg guards and little armor on his shoes.


Bag of stuff.


Great Sword (Doesn’t actually carry it around. It can be magically summoned)

My Secrets Are...


Fire manipulation
Energy Transmutation
Energy Manipulation
Pocket Dimension control

I Believe...

Even fools can prove useful.