If liars are the characters personified in the dark, who are we when surrounded by the light?

It’s easy to get lost in the middle. especially when you are the middle child of five. Well, not including the extended network of half-siblings. I’m not the strongest nor am I the bravest amongst my brothers and sisters. Neither am I the favourite nor the least liked. I just feel…..stuck in the middle.


Often I try to speak but my quiet words get drowned out. It happens more often than you would think in a large family like mine. Eventually, I stopped talking altogether.  Why even bother when no one will listen anyway? I am more at peace this way and far less salty than my tempestuous siblings. And yet I am still at odds with myself. My mother is of the sun that illuminates worlds to show what hazards may come. As for my father, he is a creature of the night and shadows that rely on the darkness to carry out dastardly deeds. Sun and Moon. Fire and Shadow. Good and Evil. Light and Dark. Day and Night. Life… and Death. I feel like a contradiction wrapped in the flesh of one being.


No matter who you ask, they will consider me to be a monster.


Who Am I...

Rowan… just Rowan.

Romantic Interests

{Won't say.}

Relationship Status

{Doesn't say… but is totally smitten with Lyte.}

My Appearance




My Secrets Are...

{puts finger to lips} Sshhh!

I Believe...

not all monsters go bump in the night… or the light.