Elios Z. Harah.


Age: Seventeen.

DOB: 19/05/2003

Origin: Unknown.


Dah Lempardo Harah

Louisa Dose’ Harah

Job and/or Company: Unknown.

Siblings: Unknown.

Most Information Is Unknown And Yet To Be Discovered.

Who Am I...

Elios Z. Harah, Seventeen year old male.

Romantic Interests

Men, if they meet the right criteria. Just kidding. . . possibly.

Relationship Status

Currently single.

My Story Is...

Not Quite A Story.

Elios was a bright kid, he was short and stubby and particularly bossy but over-all a bright kid.

Elios, aged fifteen, became a man, tall, handsome, smart. Bi? No, Not allowed- (Was what his parents said.) He was sent away by his beloved parents to a school for boys. Which turned him positively gay.

Elios, since then, has traveled alone. Thankful for his master-plan escape of the retched school he /was/ cursed to attend. 

Elios does not know his siblings, but knows said siblings are out there. he hasn’t searched, nor will he since he wants nothing to do with any offspring of his ‘beloved’ parents, even himself.

He unfortunately suffers from anxiety that peaks when put on spot. He prefers to be secluded and alone, though he truly hoped someone would help him “break free”.

My Appearance

Elios has large blue eyes, a thick natural lashes, which, in his case, has been told several times are fake. But aren’t. 

He’s average height, around 5’8, 5’9. Possibly will grow, depending on what happens during his stay on this planet (Odd sentence, you get the jist.)

Elios is surprisingly lanky, he has skinny legs and arms, which he usually covers with baggy knit jumpers and slouchy “mom-jeans.”

He DOES have a tattoo, of his own design. (Not My Design.)

Will insert later.}




What is inside doesn’t matter.

Elios reads, most likely a shit tonne of books and pencils.

My Secrets Are...

To remain a secret..

I Believe...

In what? What do you want me to say, God? Love? Psh. Okay. *Scoff Scoff, sulk sulk.* (Joke)