Silmarwen Pendragon


Physical Description
Avariel are more delicate than their earth-bound cousins, with hollow bones to aid their flight. They have pale skin, often porcelain white. An avariel’s wings are usually white, but can be black, brown or speckled. Avariel are also known to practice the dyeing of wing tips. Their eyes are slightly larger than normal and range in color from brilliant blues to green or purple. Their hair color normally is a silver-white or black.
Avariel are said to have the most beautiful voices of all the Tel’Quessir, and their songs are greatly sought after by bards of other races.
The Avariel (Aril-tel-quessir in elven or “winged folk”) were amongst the first of the elven races to migrate to Faerun However, conflict with dragons almost wiped them out before the first flowering and while they have survived since that time, they are considered by most to be myths or legends.

One side of the avariel society includes scholars, philosophers and artists. Intellectuals who believe in solving problems through reason and diplomacy, these avariels spend much time researching magic and history, contemplating religion and worshiping Aerdrie and producing art for the sheer joy of creation.

Young avariel spend time immersed in both cultures (this can last over a decade), so that no matter what sect they come from, they have a deep understanding and respect of how the other half lives.

Who Am I...

Healer of light

My Story Is...

My name is Silmarwen Pendragon, I am the daughter of an high elf and a shifter demon that was known as Cutter Pendragon.  I grew up in the lands of Rhy’din and ascended to a position as a healer in the Kingdom of Darksky.  Eventually the Kingdom fell and I sought my adventures in the lands of Golden Horn. There I joined the Rangers division as their ally and healer.  My healing center is called Krisston Plass or “Holy Place”.   Unfortunately the lands grew quiet and the Ava and Aegis the head Rangers of Kencha Keep seem to go separate ways.  I cannot remember if she died or fell victim to an accident.

My healing center and vineyard remain there, and at times I portal between the realms of Hellifyno and to my home to tend to those that remain on the grounds.   So I am not always around this new realm that’s been discovered. New update. Silmarwen has been assisted with the new location home on moon one by planet six.  The location is a space retreat with vineyards, new space age guest rooms, indoor outdoor seating for wine tasting and dipping in the outdoor pool. Guests stay free as the elf isn’t in for profit making.  Guests may arrive via ships or portals from twine. Guests who can port themselves are free to come and go. Silma may at times be found in space exploring on the interstellar resort ships carrying guests to and from their home worlds.

My parents seem to fall to the same fate, separating from one another, but I am still in touch with a few of my family members.  I never did settle down and start a family of my own, it seems that tending to those who need assistance took up most of my time.  I am not proficient at what humans call mundane healing, but in an emergency and can throw a few stitches when needed.

Whisp form:

26 October 2018


The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Wisp Mother concept art.

My Appearance


My appearance will vary as my father was a demon and my mother was  winged.  My skin coloring can vary from grey to fleshy, wings are usually silver and feathered.  If I’m pattering around in my panther form, I am simply trying to relax. My eyes are always a lovely violet hue. I stand no taller than an average female. My hair is white as snow.  Clothing is usually a light white robe or short toga style dress. I still wield the celestial bracers made by the angel Aegis.

One of the healing chants:
Here is the chant and the translation :
Menno o nin na hon
i eliad annen annin,
hon leitho o ngurth.
May the blessing that was given to me
be sent from me to him,
may he be released from death.


My Secrets Are...

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