Intro Video


Silver: A wolf,human, and Demon god hybrid with unlimited power, but a secret was uncovered about silver that no one knew about except his mother and father
Silvia: A Kitsune with little magic and limited power who goes in heat once a year usually around the beginning of august

Who Am I...

Blake Silver/Silvia

Romantic Interests

any gender

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Silver a demon god’s son, he was put through worse training than his friend’s, he usually would be found at the hell border when he run’s from his family, but ever since he found his brother “dead” he felt rage he then found his sister Emily dead on his couch, shortly after his father tore apart silver’s cabin and tried to kill him, the reason was brought to a conclusion that silver’s father was afaraid of what silver would become, the way this ended was silver killed his father avenging his dead sibling’s, Silver eventually met his brother Cloud Nixx someone who could not be fought, silver eventually return’s to a normal lifestyle living in his cabin losing his mind still questioning himself as he has found out he is more than what he knew, he’s become a shut in and now avoid’s the outside world.

My Appearance

Silver a man at the height of 6’3″, silver hair and clothes, skinny, blue right eye and red left eye, has an average build, silver fur wolf ear’s and tail, large crimson demonic wing’s.

Silvia a woman at the height of 5’3″, Usually wearing a white unbuttoned button up shirt, blue and white stripped bra slightly showing from her unbuttoned shirt, short’s, and a ring, her hair is short and dyed Black and the tip’s grey, she has fox fire around her alway’s the color of the fox fire is blue


Silver: Unknown
Silvia: Small Dagger, Potion’s, and a brush

My Secrets Are...

Silver: Thats a secret, has a soft spot for Kitsune and Neko’s
Silvia: very self Conscious about her look’s

I Believe...

Strength and speed