Intro Video


Silver basically has all magic, element, and physical powers in exsistance.

Who Am I...

Blake Silver

Romantic Interests

most women

Relationship Status

Single, recently divorced

My Story Is...

Born and raised by a defective war robot made to kill humans that protected him in every situation Silver eventually grew to like the color silver and became attached to all robots he even rebuilds them and makes his own vehicles and weapons. Silver eventually found rings that give him the powers of a demon and a purity as well as the ability to turn into a wolf and demon.

My Appearance

Silver a man at the height of 6’3″, silver hair and clothes, skinny, blue right eye and red left eye, wears a red and blue ring the red has demonic powers the blue is a purity ring, has an average build


shotgun, cubes that turn into vehicles, demonic katana, demonic shield, rocket launcher.

My Secrets Are...

Thats a secret, has a soft spot for Kitsune and Neko’s

I Believe...

Strength and speed