Im pretty fast, Pretty smart, weak. Pretty flexible.

Who Am I...

Keron/silent adventurer/traveler/17

Romantic Interests

Girls. Not anything specific

My Story Is...

I was always silent. Always have been. I can talk. I met a small fox one day and namedit Fuchi.

My Appearance

Im medium height, Wears Jackets or Cloaks, Black person, black hair,Brown eyes, Small Scar on my right hand. I wear a bandage on my mouth, personal preference. Im 17


Smalleatger satchel.Small blue knife. Good amount of money. A small pet fox who sleeps.

My Secrets Are...

I hate my last name because its my dads. My dad abused me everyday because he was always drinking. He used to hit me whenever i spoke. And when he was really mad, he cut me with a blue knife on my right hand. Id always run from him.

I Believe...

Everyone should be treated with care