Gareth SIRA Unit 01

Who Am I...

A Human Dog Hybrid that was turned into a Cyborg for Battle ready purposes

Romantic Interests

I love you Piggy, I LOOOOVE YOOOOUU!

My Story Is...

I don’t remember much except waking up under next to Piggy, she say’s I’m her boyfriend, what ever that is. I know I love Tacos and Waffles and Piggy and this stuffed moose I found, Squishy!!! But other then that nothing comes to mind.

My Appearance

I have Green Hair, Dog Ears and a Tail. My Eyes glow green while I am not in battle mode, but during Battle mode my Eyes grow a very dark Red


My arms are both equipped with plasma cannons.

My chest is equipped with a Galigur Type Beam Weapon

My Secrets Are...

I dont know!

I Believe...

That I love Tacos, and Waffles, AND PIGGY!