Sithra Ghitliaa


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Who Am I...

I am Sithra, an ex Tiefling Warrior with a desire for peace and to live out my days and hobbies unabashedly

Romantic Interests

Women for the most part or any hole I can– Nevermind. It's not worth mentioning.

My Story Is...

Dinn, o Faminto: todo e qualquer tipo de miasma acumulado, dos mais mortais e inimagináveis até resfriados tolos, são a essência desta entidade. Ele sobrevive se alimentando de energia viva, não importa qual seja, e usa o tempo como ferramenta; mas para saciá-lo, seria necessário um prato interminável e infinito.There’s a monster deep within, a monster I just can’t hide. I keep it caged but can’t control it. So stay away from me because the beast is ugly. I feel the rage and just can’t hold it. It comes awake and I can’t control it. I feel it deep within, just beneath the skin.


Sithra was born through the legitimate union of a female dragon-born and a male Tiefling which bound him to his father’s family and bloodline. As a youth, he was mischievous and prone to predictions of doom, so much so that he became an outlaw by his early teenage years. He was born to improvidence, poor to a standard that most other families of his era were. Raised by not his parents but his grandparents due to the untimely death of both father and mother, he was brought up with the notions of a grand past that he could no more partake of than the next of his generation, stories of a world with adventure and fighting for himself rather than a vengeful king, which was for all extents and purposes, the reason he left in the first place.


When he had just become an adult, still within the village but living elsewhere from his grandparents, the village was razed to the ground by outsiders. He learned of his grandparents death after being knocked out and cut by one of their blades, fortunately with a wound that was not so deep that he wouldn’t be able to survive.


In an effort to abide by their standards, he took up a weapon, in this case, a sword and, of course, his own abilities. Due to his mother being a dragon, his father being someone of the nightmares and his own decision to merge their abilities for the betterment of himself, he was given an anger unlike anyone he knew and has spent the years since employing it until recently.


When he found his way to Hellifyno, he realized he was much too old to focus on the years past, not when his body was broken and beaten by years of mistreatment and battle, and very little rest.


He decided to live by a creed. “If you do me an injury, I will crush you, ruin your name, salt your fields. If you treat me fairly, we will have ale, meats, and all the splendors of this world for I am enamored by liquors and foods. I will not hold my tongue and I will be as with foul language worse than the otyugh nest.”


My Appearance

I still think it would be so cool if people in the world actually had more supernatural looks to them.

A Tiefling will always have its horns and attributions. He is no different. Born with a tail, horns, and long, pointed ears, he is a dead giveaway to the species unless he chooses to appear as if human rather than the demon he truly is.


He has crimson toned hair, darker, perhaps, than the blood of the enemies he has slain. He typically, in Tiefling form, has dark eyes with red pupils that often relay themselves as slits more than anything else. He has a rich aristocratic flare to his temperament that borders between arrogant and pompous though his body seems to show that he has spent his years mostly on the battlefield, rather than a room filled with books.


He has an angular face, a rich beard and mustache and can typically be seen wearing a green coat with an upturned collar, a black t-shirt and a pair of jeans and tennis shoes so that he appears as every other individual in the world.


Bigby Wolf  Oh my god that is f****** adorable. My exact words when I saw this.

Theodman Esalor (Roger's Over-Achieving Brother, as of yet not part of the story)