Don’t think I won’t do anything to get my way. I’m king of a kingdom only I can see, and in that kingdom you all bow down.

Who Am I...

Vincent Demetri

Romantic Interests

Ha..I wish I knew..

Relationship Status

Hm, no one wants me.

My Story Is...

Son of a priest and abandoned at three years old. I was taken in by a coven and grew up in a world I couldn’t say was my own. My power, as well as the demon that feeds it to me, controls my life. The innocent boy I once was is a scintilla only those close to me see.

My Appearance

Green eyes
White hair
Dark gray cloak
Witch’s mark carved behind my right ear


Emerald dagger
Spell book
Urn necklace

My Secrets Are...

I wasn’t born male. I try to hide the fact I’m more for men than women.

I Believe...

God forgot me..